Thursday, August 19, 2010

Photo of the Day!

One of Hitchcock's favorite actresses and...HIM. ;-D


emme said...

Two wonderful beings in one fabulous black & white photo. Can it get any better? ;)


Amanda Cooper said...

Hmm... I'm sensing that some bad vibes are being sent toward my beloved Jimmy. ; )

Great picture!

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of neutral on Jimmy Stewart. I really used to like him (after all, The Man Who Knew Too Much was my first classic film and my first Hitchcock.) Have you seen him in After the Thin Man? You'd like his role in that. *flashes a very wicked smile*

Grace Kelly I can totally love though. Once someone was referring to her as a bad actress -- it fairly made my blood boil!

Ben said...

This is now one of my favorite blogs because you have this picture! Oh and of course, just the whole love of classic stuff going on.

There is definitely a distinct lack of love for James Stewart here though. I mean c'mon! Rear Window? Harvey? Any of his westerns? His westerns are pretty darn exceptional btw.

Millie said...

Ben: Thanks so much for the lovely comment! :-D

A distinct lack of love for James Stewart?! However did you get that idea?! haha

I mean, everyone utterly adores him. It's up to me to be the one exception to the rule! ;-D

Ben said...

Haha. Okay, fair answer. Though I know one person who doesn't like him solely because of his voice.

His movies are still awesome though. There were a few where he played anti-James Stewarts. A bounty hunter almost no better than the man he's following. A gold miner who refuse to help anyone but himself. I'll stop pimping him out lol I can just keep looking at Grace Kelly.


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