Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Movie Blogathon: Confessions of a Former Six-Year Old Classic Film Fan Recruiter

^This banner looks like me and my older brothers watching The Lone Ranger...like we did every afternoon!

Kate over at Silents and Talkies is hosting a blogathon on movies you watched as a kid. It's pretty awesome. I'm slightly late, but that's not exactly earth-shatteringly new news.


I lived on movies when I was younger...I still do. But, then, just like now, I couldn't handle just keeping classic movie adoration to myself! I HAD TO HAVE EVERY SINGLE PERSON I REMOTELY KNEW BE A CLASSIC FILM ADORER.

My family of course has always had to put up with it simply because there was no way for them to get rid of me (although, their continued insistence that I should eat ALL the berries and mushroom-looking things I saw whenever we went outside is highly suspicious)

It is however a not-exactly small miracle that I've ever been able to keep any friends ever.

Especially, since I was ALWAYS trying to recruit them as classic film fans. Well, more like forcibly drafting them.

Back when I was six, I didn't take into account, the types of films certain people would like, nor did I learn by experience which movies suited certain people. (I mostly understand this concept now. Because, obviously Kate really does love Tyrone Power movies, she just doesn't know it yet!)

Well, I had/still have (craziness) one friend in particular who has remained my friend ALL THESE YEARS! She has remained my friend through repeated attempts to get her to enjoy westerns, through repeated attempts to convince that there are a few cool non-Hitchcock black & white films. She has even remained my friend through the several forced viewings of Pride & Prejudice (1940) when we were six.

One particular instance of the above mentioned scenario-- I remember CLEARLY.

It was a warm, happy summer day. Allie (my friend) was over to play (as she was every day), I had SOMEHOW succeeded in getting her into the living room and in front of the TV. I exclaimed excitedly about the completely amazing movie I was gonna to show her. It's "hilarious", I proclaimed! The dresses are so "fancy", I told her!

The moment it started....she hated it. She was bored, because it was such "boring" movie. And worst of all, IT WAS BLACK & WHITE! NOOOOO!

I finally decided to fast-forward to my favorite part: the ball. "This is the absolute best part", I told her. "It's very funny, and the dresses really are fancy!"

I sat enraptured as- what I was sure was complete brilliance- unfolded before my eyes. All too soon, the scene was over, I turned to Allie, and just sighed.

Her response: "When are the cool dresses going to show up...and WHEN IS THE FUNNY PART GOING TO BE HERE!"

I'm surprised I didn't disown her at the spot.

I really should've disowned her back then. She hated Bonanza too. Hating Bonanza was kind of a deal-breaker to 6 year-old Millie!

I tried to get other friends to watch classic movies too. I don't know how many times I tried showing various Roy Rogers movies. Strangely enough, I don't remember most of these "friends" anymore! ;-D

I was a persistent and courageous classic film recruiter, every now and then I had a break-through. My 2 years-younger than me brother for instance, became a die-hard Deanna Durbin fan.

Unfortunately, he grew out of this when he was five.

But, I have had a few real successes! When I was ten, I finally got through to Allie. It was The Thin Man that did it! I FINALLY SUCCESSFULLY RECRUITED A PROUD CLASSIC FILM FAN! (Well, a classic film fan at least! However, she still sneaks through Borders hoping no will see the old movie she's buying me for my birthday. We're still working on the "proud" part.)

Besides the films already mentioned, a few others I adored and revered most as a very young child included:
It Happened One Night, My Man Godfrey, The Strongest Man in the World (+ the other Dexter Riley movies), The Monkey's Uncle, The Parent Trap, everything Bob Hope, and every single western I could get my hands on!

Summers back then were for drinking my mum's all-natural, home-made pink lemonade (she made it pink by juicing a sliver of a beet) and plopping down on the couch watching old movies...and forcing everyone else to watch random musicals from the 50's with me.

THOSE were the good old days (in, um, 2000...AHAHAHA! I feel young!)



kate gabrielle said...

Fantastic post Millie!!! :D

lol you haven't changed much have you? ;-D

"I mostly understand this concept now. Because, obviously Kate really does love Tyrone Power movies, she just doesn't know it yet!" SURE...

And YOU love depressing foreign films, YOU just don't know it yet!!!!! ;-D

I love your mom's idea for pink lemonade! It's so natural! Whenever we wanted to tint things we just used food coloring.. for St. Patricks Day I always tinted EVERYTHING green.. milk, chicken, potatoes, rice. It was kind of gross to everyone else but I thought it was awesome!

Raquelle said...

Great post Millie. I love how you are such a die-hard classic film fan that everyone around you has to be one too! That's so awesome.

I totally LOLd at the mushrooms/berries thing. Ha ha.

Elizabeth said...

LOL! This was a really great post! I love that you have managed to recruit one of your friends! I've tried to do that a couple of times and most were dramatic failures! :D

DKoren said...

Great post! Made me smile and smile. You haven't changed much, have you! LOL! But hey, persistence finally paid off!

Emm said...

Okay, I've only been watching old films since I was 12, but done my fair share of (attempted) recruiting. Unfortunately there are some people who will never like watching Hitchcock or awesome cheesy beach movies with me. :(

Mercurie said...

Great post, Millie. You really haven't changed much, which is a good thing! Anyway, have you tried showing your brother Deanna Durbin films from when she was 18 and older? I don't know of any male who could resist her after that!

Mercurie said...

P.S. I agree. Kate doesn't know she loves Tyrone Power movies yet.... We just need to convince her! :-)


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