Monday, August 2, 2010

The Visit: Remind Me Again Why There Are a Few Sad Souls in the World Who Don't Completely Adore Ingy?!

The Visit was beyond brilliant. I mean, It's difficult to explain that level of brilliance.

First of all, thank you so much Auntie Casey for sending me a copy! That was exciting.

So, The Visit came in the mail a couple days ago. I wandered into the kitchen to show my mother the movies Casey has sent me. Then my mum COMPLETELY FREAKED ME OUT! She was standing by the counter making dinner-- with a very large knife in her hand. I mentioned The Visit and my mum turned around and stared straight at me, saying angrily...."The visit is OVER."

(I was ready to run for my life at that point.)

Turns out The Visit is a movie my mother has loved forever, but hasn't been able to see in years! She was super-excited about the copy I had and we decided to watch it today.

It was amazing.

I would say that Ingy stole the whole thing, but really, it was all her's to begin with...

AND she gets to model the most awesomely amazing 60's wardrobe, hair, and make-up.

AND she gets to take sweet revenge!


Oh, yeah, there were also Anthony Quinn, and some other people, and a plot, and such....but those things don't really matter.

In conclusion: I would recommend this movie to absolutely anyone. It's just brilliant.

Oh, and here is a tribute to Ingy in The Visit video I made. It was GOING to be a tribute to the movie itself, but uh, Ingy sorta took over! ;-D

Thanks for reading!


P.S. Check out this jaw-droppingly amazingly brilliant, probably the best actor tribute video I have ever seen! Just made by Kate-Gabrielle:


kate gabrielle said...

A) "Oh, yeah, there were also Anthony Quinn, and some other people, and a plot, and such....but those things don't really matter." You crack me up!!!

B) Awesome post & video!!! I seriously cannot wait to watch this tomorrow now! Although it will probably only feed my existing obsession with huge 60's hair and dramatic eyeliner.

C) The story about your mom is so funny! My mom did something similar to my brother a week or so ago, she was complaining about the ants on our countertop and all of a sudden turned to him and screamed "ANTS! ANTS! ANTS!" She was actually quoting a weird song that she and my dad like.. I was aware of this but Kyle wasn't, and he looked like she was absolutely INSANE. It was pretty funny (and probably a lot funnier than how I just retold it but anywho..)

D) Thank you so much for posting my video too!! You are seriously the sweetest person in the universe! :D

Millie said...

Aww! Thanks! :-D

OH MY GOSH! Seriously! I also wanted to go walk around with a pet leopard! It was Honey West Syndrome all over again! ;-D

My mom was just like: this reminds me how much I love all the 60's style. I won't be surprised if she's wearing crazy eye-liner tomorrow! ;-D


Okay, that made me laugh so hard! Your family is so hysterical!

Oh, sheesh! I always post stuff I love! :-D


greatoldthings said...

This post is absolutely hysterical! And that is such a fantastic movie. Your family sounds like mine. Thanks for the post!


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