Friday, September 24, 2010

Word For the Day:

 Actually, it's been the word for the week! ;-D

Hopefully, expect a full post about MANY things tonight! Haha!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Kevin McCarthy.

February 15th, 1914 - September 11th, 2010

Kevin McCarthy was such an amazing actor. Instantly recognizable, I'm convinced he appeared in every [cool] TV show ever created. And he was ALWAYS brilliant. He was also a very hardworking actor; his film and television credits begin in 1944 and don't end 'till 2010! 

He will be missed.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mark McPherson.

So, last night I was ALL set to write this incredibly in depth and brilliant post about the genius of Dana Andrews in Laura. And more specifically: how the people who think he "lacked emotion"/ was horrible in the role are idiots. BUT, then I got distracted on Twitter and ended up saving the post for later and going off to watch The Bob Newhart Show. It's a sad tale.

ANYWAY, when I finally got back to writing the post this morning, I discovered that someone had taken my brilliant and in depth post and replaced it with some crazy ranting. I mean, it couldn't have been MY post. Have you EVER known me to use the phrase "unjustly maligned"?! I MEAN, REALLY?!

I simply couldn't post it, so I decided to start over here. Except, NOW, I can't think of anything to say. SERIOUSLY.

The Millie is speechless.

Do you understand the magnitude of this situation?!

The Millie has absolutely NOTHING to say. (Obviously, me not saying anything, does include a few words, but yeah...;-D)

Instead, I'm just going to be really lazy and post some photos of Dana in Laura. A film that I consider to be utterly perfect, and one of my absolute favorites.

< By the way, my copy of this "promises to be utter genius" book just arrived 3 minutes ago. I am quite excited. You should be too. Because YOU are going to get to hear ALL about it! ;-D

I hope you have a highly amazing day!


Photo of the Day!

Gene Tierney.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Four Stupendously Amazingly Cool Newish Blogs That EVERYONE Should Follow!

I have some newishly discovered blogs that I MUST share with the world! They're all brilliant, so yeah.

Waitin' On a Sunny Day

Five Words: Sophie the Mad English Girl.

Also: This blog is great. Because it's run by my British twin (not be confused with the schizophrenic version of me OR the person who shares my brain). Sophie is completely hilarious. But, don't sing Oklahoma! songs around her. SHE HATES OKLAHOMA! "Oh what a beautiful morning..."


My Blog (she hasn't decided a title yet)

My older sister, Shannon! Shannon is definitely one of the most hysterically hilarious people I have ever known! Her blog is Wowzie Kazam. My favorite post so far had to do with a rabid dog. (I'm laughing just thinking about.....;-D)


Discovering Ida

Jean wrote a guest post for my blog about The 39 Steps. HER BLOG IS CRAZILY AMAZING! Ida Lupino is one of those people I don't know tons about...but would love to know SO MUCH MORE! This blog is extremely cool and thorough!


Audrey Obsession

Emm contacted me by e-mail at first. She loves westerns. Emm is my friend.

Haha, and she's super-cool! Check out her blog, because she has interesting opinions about everything...even opinions that go against normal "popular" opinion! I LOVE IT!


I hope you enjoy discovering some new blogs! And send some recommends on newish blogs you enjoy/author!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's September. IT MIGHT AS WELL BE 2012.

Normally, I adore September. Autumn is the most absolutely beautiful season in Washington. It's famous rainyness/evergreenness/awesomeness is the most wunderbar in Fall.

This September is a little different. I'm Sconing at the Puyallup Fair from the 10th - the 26th. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

And, on the 22nd---- college starts.

I've never gone to school in my entire life. I've ALWAYS been home-schooled, so this is going to be VERY much filled with oddness to me.

I'm only heading into 11th grade, but I'm going to be going full-time (fifteen credits) at a nearby Community College. In Washington we have a program called Running Start. High School Junior and Seniors can go to Community College for those two years, completely free. I just have to pay for books. And, by going full-time, I can graduate from "high school" with my Associate of Arts degree. Then I can transfer to a regular college and become a history teacher, YAY! Haha!

Anyway, it's all rather odd to me and slightly depressing. Especially, since there are all those dumb regulations about coming to class every day! ;-D In home-schooling, if you miss a day because you're sick-- it's okay! You just make it up the next day. Accordingly, it makes it simple to go off to Africa for a couple weeks. I just make up the work when I get home.


Now, I'm probably not going to be able to visit Sierra Leone again until next summer. AND MY DAD IS GOING WITHOUT ME IN NOVEMBER. This will be the first time my dad has gone without me since 2008. It's all quite distressing.

ANYWAY, I'm going to now move onto to the GOOD things about September. (Well, relatively good. ;-D)


Kim Novak. I'm gonna need the scarf and gloves too.

Gene Tierney. I'm gonna need her face too.

Sandra Dee.

Jean Simmons.

Natalie and Steve. Actually, EVERY article of clothing in this film is waaay too amazing!

Grace Kelly. And random person.

2} Rain! (Okay, it actually rains every month of the year in Washington, but, uh, yeah.)

3} Money! Heh heh heh, being a sconer is hard/AGGRAVATING WORK...but the money....mwahahaha! AMAZON HERE I COME!


Alias Smith and Jones Season 2&3

4} It's hard to think of anything to top Money, but, hmm, I suppose, nope, I can't think of anything to top Money.

5} Is anyone still reading this?! Anyway, another good thing about September is the awesome rainy days, where the wood-stove is going and there's nothing to do but read an Agatha Christie or have an I Love Lucy marathon. PERFECTION.

Okay, this post is waaay too long, now! But, at least, now, I'm a LITTLE bit happier about September. A LITTLE BIT.



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