Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's September. IT MIGHT AS WELL BE 2012.

Normally, I adore September. Autumn is the most absolutely beautiful season in Washington. It's famous rainyness/evergreenness/awesomeness is the most wunderbar in Fall.

This September is a little different. I'm Sconing at the Puyallup Fair from the 10th - the 26th. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

And, on the 22nd---- college starts.

I've never gone to school in my entire life. I've ALWAYS been home-schooled, so this is going to be VERY much filled with oddness to me.

I'm only heading into 11th grade, but I'm going to be going full-time (fifteen credits) at a nearby Community College. In Washington we have a program called Running Start. High School Junior and Seniors can go to Community College for those two years, completely free. I just have to pay for books. And, by going full-time, I can graduate from "high school" with my Associate of Arts degree. Then I can transfer to a regular college and become a history teacher, YAY! Haha!

Anyway, it's all rather odd to me and slightly depressing. Especially, since there are all those dumb regulations about coming to class every day! ;-D In home-schooling, if you miss a day because you're sick-- it's okay! You just make it up the next day. Accordingly, it makes it simple to go off to Africa for a couple weeks. I just make up the work when I get home.


Now, I'm probably not going to be able to visit Sierra Leone again until next summer. AND MY DAD IS GOING WITHOUT ME IN NOVEMBER. This will be the first time my dad has gone without me since 2008. It's all quite distressing.

ANYWAY, I'm going to now move onto to the GOOD things about September. (Well, relatively good. ;-D)


Kim Novak. I'm gonna need the scarf and gloves too.

Gene Tierney. I'm gonna need her face too.

Sandra Dee.

Jean Simmons.

Natalie and Steve. Actually, EVERY article of clothing in this film is waaay too amazing!

Grace Kelly. And random person.

2} Rain! (Okay, it actually rains every month of the year in Washington, but, uh, yeah.)

3} Money! Heh heh heh, being a sconer is hard/AGGRAVATING WORK...but the money....mwahahaha! AMAZON HERE I COME!


Alias Smith and Jones Season 2&3

4} It's hard to think of anything to top Money, but, hmm, I suppose, nope, I can't think of anything to top Money.

5} Is anyone still reading this?! Anyway, another good thing about September is the awesome rainy days, where the wood-stove is going and there's nothing to do but read an Agatha Christie or have an I Love Lucy marathon. PERFECTION.

Okay, this post is waaay too long, now! But, at least, now, I'm a LITTLE bit happier about September. A LITTLE BIT.



Sereina said...

Autumn in WA is awesome! Gotta love dark cloudy days! ;D

That's great your doing Running Start. It's pretty neat to have most of you college done by the time your done with high school. I'm not doing it this year, but I might the year after...

Raquelle said...

Good luck with college! This is a great opportunity for you to get your high school degree AND associates degree. Yowzah! Amazing. I wish I had a similar opportunity.

What is sconing?

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Love the coats. Good luck with regimentation...uh, college.

Kalli said...

I think you'll end up really liking the Running Start program. Yeah, they say that you can't miss any days or only give you one excused absence. I've found that if you do well in the classes, then they don't really hold that rule against you. haha

I want to have all of those coats. Except for the random person's and I don't really need Steve McQueen's. I'd take him instead though.

Kristin said...

That sounds like a great program. I was homeschooled in high school and I'm attending my local community college now for my associate's degree. I don't think we had the option of starting early. But as I'm not planning on transfering, it wouldn't have made a big difference for me, anyway. It sounds really cool for you, though. :) Especially since the classes are free!

I know what you mean about the money/Amazon thing. This past week I went a little crazy on there with some money I earned this summer. I ended up with several sewing books and novels, the complete "Thin Man" series, and the last season of "The Dick van Dyke Show." :)


Sally said...

good luck!!! I hope you love college. I know I did. I am extremely excited about Autumn. I can't wait to have more Toffee Mocha at Starbucks and the All-American Holiday sandwich at Earl of Sandwich. mmmm. And the weather has been divine (at least by Florida standards). But don't worry. No one will call you an egg-head and push you around the dormitories. I think you'll have fun at college!

Merriam said...

Good luck with college! You'll probably do just fine. But coats in September...I am ENVIOUS.

Mercurie said...

Good luck with college! I think you'll like it. I HATED school, but I loved college. It's a lot more laid back than school, and you get to study what you want to (well, once you get those pesky requirements out of the way anyway).

Denise said...

It may be an adjustment, but college will be great, I'm sure. Just remember, everyone else in your class will be new too, so you won't have to feel like an oddball. Everyone else will be anxious too, therefore, it's the best friend-making time :)

Millie said...

Thanks everyone for the super-encouraging comments! :-D

Raquelle: Haha! Sorry about the confusion! I'm working at a scone booth. Making scones. So, I'm a sconer! ;-D

Hamlette said...

How's the college going? I was homeschooled K-12 too, and also got to attend community college courses for free. I wish I'd taken more of them, but I did take enough that I could go on to college and take only 15 credits a semester and still get my BA. Just don't be intimidated by the college kids, and don't take any guff from them because you're intelligent and eager to learn!


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