Friday, October 1, 2010


I had this absolutely wonderful, long, in-depth post written on Monday that was supposed to publish...BUT WHO KNOWS WHERE THE HECK IT IS FLOATING IN SPACE! Maybe, one day it will become important in inter-planetary communication. Sort of a Milky Way Rosetta Stone (it's been a long day/week, okay ;-D).

Anyway, I started college a week and a half ago. I told you ALL about it in the Rosetta Stone. It will be in the history books.

However, the really important/harrible (imagine Shirley Maclaine's voice saying "horrible") thing I want to get across in this post is...buses. And the harribleness thereof.

The first few days of school were so nice. I was dropped off and picked up by various cool people. It was all good. Then came the day.

I had to ride a bus to college.

I hate buses. (Truth be told, I've only ever ridden on one in Portland.)

Now, this animosity towards the public transportation system may be slightly unnecessary. BUT SERIOUSLY, I have been watching A LOT of The Fugitive this summer (my library finally got all three seasons that are on DVD).

Buses are not happy places in The Fugitive (also if Robert Duvall shows up ever, it's NOT going to end well for the Doctor).

The bus is either hijacked,  blown up, flipped over, or has various law enforcement officials on board who enjoy escorting innocent people to the electric chair.

I was fully certain that the man (who oddly resembled Robert Duvall) sitting across from me was going to start taking hostages at any time.

Obviously, my thought process is highly rational.

Avoid public transportation, Dr. Richard Kimble!

It's like the time a few months ago, when  I had been watching tons of The Saint. I heard a loud beeping noise coming through my wall from my brother's room (it ended up being his computer), and I didn't even stop to think before running out of my room and almost all the way out of the house.

It was clearly a bomb.

Placed in my brother's room by some communist spy.

I'm not joking.


(Was this post, not just THE best for a triumphant return to blogging?! ;-D How is everyone?!"


Emm said...

I haven't been on a bus since I was 10 or so...and then it was just with a bunch of kids from my church.

Seriously, Dr. Kimble should have stayed away from buses, trains -- any kind of public transportation!

If you thing sitting across from someone that looks like Robert Duvall is scary, try dining at the same table as a guy that looks like the assassin from The Man Who Knew Too Much! That was my first Hitchcock, and it left a profound impression on me. As did the dinner episode.

Don't you just hate it when family members computers start making weird, random noises when no one is touching them? My dad's laptop is infamous in that respect.

You have me wanting to watch The Saint again. Sadly, my library only has a few of the color episodes. I liked the B&W ones better, but I can only get them on YouTube, and the supply is VERY limited!

Aye, aye, a trimphant return. I've missed your insanely awesome posts!

Niamhy said...

Buses terrify me. And I get awfully claustrophobic in them. And there are people talking loudly. And babies screaming. And children complaining about school. And the person sitting beside you always has bad breath.

This is why I hate buses.

Sophie said...

YAYYY! Millie's back!! :DD

I don't really mind buses, but I much prefer trains ;D Once when I was really little, I stood up to get off just before the bus stopped completely and when the driver applied the brakes I hurtled forward and almost went through the windscreen :O Since then, I've been uber cautious one them ;D

kate gabrielle said...

lol I don't like buses either but for much less um... paranoid reasons? lol! I just don't like being smushed up against people I don't know.

But I do have the same problem as you when I go out walking at night. Me & my dad take a walk when he gets home from work now every night, which is usually around 12-1am and whenever a car drives by us that late, I think they're going to kidnap us. Or last night there were cop cars circling the block so I was TOTALLY convinced there was a murderer on the loose and we had to walk back to the house as quickly as possible :)

ps. There's a typo in your comment message (But I'm do not want to buy a tiffany watch) hehe!

Mercurie said...

I don't care for buses, but it's more because of the sort of people who sometimes ride buses. Somehow I think that if there had been buses back then, both Jack the Ripper and H. H. Holmes would have ridden them (I guess trolley cars would have been the equivalent then)! Of course, aeroplanes are what really scare me. I have never ridden in one and I think I never will. When I do go to England, it will be by boat! Boats don't crash. Boats don't get hijacked (well, there are pirates, but you can fight them off with a good cutlass and flintlock...). Boats DON'T BLOW UP!!!

Anyway, I sympathise with the loss of your blog post. I wanted to write a great post about the 45th anniversary of Dr. Loveless' first appearance last night, but Arthur Penn died and that took precedence. :-(


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