Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Problem With Steve McQueen.

When you watch ONE Steve McQueen movie, then you have to watch five more...and all the seasons of Wanted: Dead or Alive. It's really QUITE a problem. ;-D

I was quite ill yesterday, AND since my new laptop crashed 30 minutes after I got it (no mangoes were involved this time. ALTHOUGH, I had just finished a Mango Tango Odwalla before it was delivered... :-O), I decided to watch a movie. I decided on The Great Escape, which I had not seen in quite frankly, at least, 25 years. (Although, I had heard quite a bit of it since then-- coming through the walls of my next-to-me brother's bedroom.) It's such an awesome movie. And so, utterly quotable. Of course, THEN, I couldn't watch anything that didn't have Steve McQueen in it (it's a curse! ;-D). And I wasn't really in the mood for Magnificent Seven, because....

SPOILER ALERT: After watching TGE and seeing James Coburn and Charles Bronson make it to safety, I really couldn't handle Mag7 and watching them get killed while STINKIN' HORTZ BUCHOLZ LIVES. Yeah. Anyways. END SPOILER ALERT.

AND, since my oldest brother moved out last month (and took all his Steve McQueen films with him), there was nothing else to watch....except Wanted: Dead or Alive. All three seasons of it. Of course W:DoA is one of THE coolest westerns EVER. So, it was perfectly fine. I put a disc in on play-all. Currently, I am still watching Wanted: Dead or Alive

It's kind of addicting.

So, Josh Randall is a bounty hunter. And THE coolest bounty hunter ever. He carries around a sawed-off shotgun and brings in crazy-scary outlaws. And he basically does it just for the money. Yeah. I mean, in one episode he refuses to help some nuns save another nun who was taken hostage by some outlaws...BECAUSE THEY CAN'T PAY HIM. That's just Josh Randall (he does of course save the nun and catch the outlaws by the end...sheesh.)

Anyway, I have harrible headache and am going back to my room to watch more westerns. Have a wunderbar day....and really...I WOULDN'T suggest watching any Steve McQueen. Seriously.



Niamhy said...


I can't even look them in the eye anymore...;-P

Hope you feel better soon!

quizshowbob said...

How odd. I watched 'The Towering Inferno' yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Seriously what is up with this?! Niamhy and I have both been sick this week, and now you too!

Millie, you don't know how horrible it is to be Steve McQueen-less. My library only has half of the first season of Wanted: Dead or Alive. But I'm going to beg The Great Escape off of my best fleshie so I can see it again. I haven't seen it since I was around 13.

Yes, Josh Randall's ridicluous toughness is what sets him so far apart from other western heroes. Even that tin horn gambler Bret Maverick (bless his heart) wouldn't have refused the nuns. That is, if the outlaws had cheated him in a poker game and he had to chose between chasing cash and nun or horror of horrors, get a job.

By the way, does it ever seem odd to you that there are always myriads of nuns running over the Old West?

Millie said...

Well, Niamh, eye-contact with mangoes is NOT recommended. ;-D

Quizshowbob: I've never seen that. I really should. It has SO many awesome people in it!


Wow. That's sad. At least I have all the W:DoA and Mag7 and USED to have access to every other Steve that had ever been released on DVD...seriously! But, now that my brother has moved away, well, it's sad! ;-D

AHAHAHA! I love Maverick so much. He's just brilliance/coolness/WOWZIE KAZAM!

AAHAHAHAHA! Oh my gosh! SERIOUSLY! The Kid and Heyes are ALWAYS stinkin' running into nuns. Occasionally, people pretending to be nuns. (It's an odd situation. ;-D)

Olivia said...

Hi Millie!!!
I have missed my daily "Millie cheer"!
I know you have been busy though; do I ever know what that's like!
The only Steve McQueen movie I have ever seen was "The Great Escape". I know, I know terrible, but what do you expect from a house where John Wayne reigns as king cool??!!
I always detest it in escape/war movies when the actors I think are most "cool", are always the ones who die tragic deaths, or have to get dramatically shot in the end!
It seems to happen more often than not...... ARGGGH!!!
Thanks for the fun!

NoirGirl said...

What the heck with these computers??!! Maybe mangoes are cursing your computers before they even arrive?

Perhaps the remedy is the opposite of mangoes -but what would that be? Something blue, not juicy and sour?

Your Steve McQueen warnings have me dying to watch The Honeymoon Machine now! Sadly I believe that is one of the only SMQ films I actually have at my disposal!

And speaking of Hortz...I watched One, Two, Three the other day and chuckled with glee as Hortz was subjected to "capitalization" by Jimmy Cagney. If I had been there, he would've had way more punishment than getting a manicure and having his hair chopped off. ;D

Niamhy said...

Virtual germs are the hardest to fight off. But on the bright side, I can now take part in Kate Gabrielle's and your brilliantly evil asthmatic survey! (I've a strange asthma, yep, it attacks when I'm sick.)

You know, each time I go to comment on this post I'm blown away by Steve McQueen's utter coolness. He is one of those guys who doesn't even need to try to be cool!

Mercurie said...

Definitely, it is hard to stop with just one Steve McQueen movie or one episode of Wanted Dead or Alive! He is still my favourite actor and it is still one of my favourite TV shows!

Millie said...

Olivia: AWWW! This seriously makes me so happy! :')

:-O UNACCEPTABLE. You must watch more Steve. Haha!

Oh my gosh! I know! It's highly bothersome. The cool ones should ALWAYS live.

Thank you for the comment!

Casey: I wouldn't put it past the mangoes.

EWWW! Sounds like Blue Raspberry Jolly Ranchers to me! ;-D

*sigh* I need to own that movie.

AWWW! Sad! Have you seen Love With the Proper Stranger yet?! YOU NEED TO! Sarah has it! AND it's on YT!

Heh heh heh! I love that movie so much! Kate seriously needs to watch it! Even though Horst is in it, he plays a super-annoying guy, soo. AND JAMES CAGNEY IS BRILLIANT IN IT!

Niahmy: OH NO! I've given you asthma!

I TOTALLY know what you're saying.

Terry: YAAAAY! Another victim of the Steve McQueen curse! ;-D


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