Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Suicidal Laptops, Thomas Paine, Mrs. Brown's Lovely Daughter, and OTHER Leprachaunishness....

So. I have regrettably been away from my blog for far too long. IT'S NOT MY FAULT. I promise! ;-D

My laptop committed suicide, so I've been having to get by with the...cue ominous music...."family computer". Basically, I've been barely even doing my homework. AND, I HAVEN'T EVEN TALKED TO KATE IN LIKE THREE DAYS.

Care to hear about the harrible (yeah, I'm still talking like Shirley MacLaine) incidents surround my laptop's suicide?!

It was so-so day in the life of The Millie. But, it was about to get a lot better, because I was home from college.

AND, I had a glass of delicious, iced Organic Santa Cruz Mango Tea. It kinda makes life worthwhile (p.s. I bought said tea with final remaining pennies). I set my laptop, Arnold, on my desk, plugged it in and turned it on. I turned away to grab something...and....SMASH!....SPLASH! My laptop was flat on the ground...screen down....with mango tea all over it. It's IMPOSSIBLE to even think that I may have accidentally tripped on the charging cord. It was definitely a case of suicide.
I had exactly six days left on my warranty (I've had the computer less than a year), so I sent it in. I got word yesterday that the motherboard is fried and that is the one thing that is not covered by my warranty and if I want them to repair Arnold it will cost me $380. But, unfortunately, I had already spent my life's savings on that glass of mango tea, sooo....

ANYWAY, moving on to Thomas Paine. Mere moments ago, I finished an essay about the similarities between his and Phillis Wheatley's writing. They are both pretty awesome! (This adds nothing to my blog post. It just made the title of my post more symmetrical!)

Now, to the "vintage" part of my post!

So, today did not look to be going exactly excellently...just from the morning. So there I was sitting on a bus heading to college. I had my MP3 player on shuffle and was staring listlessly out the window. SUDDENLY, "Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter" (Herman's Hermits) started playing. Who knows how it got on my player, but I just started laughing so hard. Peter Noone just sounds like a little leprechaun. A little British accented leprechaun.When it got the line: "Walkin' about, even in a crowd, well, you'll pick her out, makes a bloke feel so proud" I SERIOUSLY thought he was going to sing, "makes an elf feel so proud". Well, this dumb, little song from the 60's highly brightened my mood today! And NOW, on top of always saying, "Harrible" like Shirley MacLaine, I'll only ever be able to say "Lulvely" like Peter Noone.

So, how are you guys?! And BTW, if possible, send me the link to your latest posts. Minus my computer, I sort of forgot my password to Bloglovin' and sorta haven't been able to read any blog posts! :-/

Have a lulvely day!



Anonymous said...

Seriously, Millie I love your posts...they ALWAYS make me laugh about something. ;D

I remember telling my mom about a part in Man from UNCLE, when Nancy Sinatra was trying to convince my lovely Russian Blonde to form a musical duo with her. Her argument was, "We could be the biggest thing since Herman & the Hermits!" His argument, "It's ridiculous!" My mom then had to inform me that there really HAD been a group called Herman's Hermits. Somehow I found this very disappointing.

I think your laptop's semi-death proves something once and for all. Millie should stay away from evil mangos, those found in tea and James Bond movies in particular.

Oh, and I sang an infant to sleep tonight to "Love You Baby", as in the scary addictive Robert Conrad song.

See, I just shouldn't leave comments at 1:00 in the morning after drinking Coca-Cola!

Niamhy said...

Oh my gosh-why have I never heard this song? Is it weird that I find it very cute?! I think it may be just his little baby-like voice...it has really brightened my day (I'm sort of depressed-I was performing last night and have nearly a full day of school ahead of me!)

And, ahem, what, may I ask is so funny about talking like a leprechaun? Haha, I'm actually from a part of Ireland where we don't have leprechaun accents-our's is bloomin' awful (think Liam Neeson, but worse)!

And about the suicide of your laptop: It seems to be going round. I've heard a few of them have been killing themselves. I'm very sorry for your loss.

Millie said...

Yay! Thanks so much guys! You seriously made my day worthwhile! I'm sitting in computer lab looking like an utter dork laughing out loud at your comments.

Emm: OH MY GOSH! I need to watch that show! NANCY SINATRA?! I adore her! Okay, seriously! Is any of the show online?! I'll watch an episode when I get home! Haha!

Um, yeah, Herman's Hermits...AHAHAHA! Even the name makes me laugh. My mum ADORED them when she was like 7.

OH MY GOSH! I didn't even think of that! WOW! Thanks! That totally explains everything...

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! THIS MAKES MY DAY?! You seriously sang that song?! AHAHAHA! "but still I hang around" (cue shot of James West hanging upside down! ;-D)

NO! Seriously! Leave more! ;-D

Niamhy: It is slightly adorable in a very leprachaunish way! ;-D

Aww! :-( I'm sorry! I hope the day goes well with no bus necessary!

WHOOPS! I forgot you were also a leprachaun! Sorry! ;-D

Hey, don't be complaining about your accents! Liam Neeson's voice is cool! AND, I'm here the Pacific Northwest (which I love), but have no accent at all! It's highly depressing! ;-D

Oh my goodness! I wonder if they had a suicide pact?! ;-D

DKoren said...

Aw, sorry to hear of the sordid demise of your laptop. This post did crack me up. I haven't heard that song in a long time, it just made me grin and grin.

Kalli said...

This post made me laugh! Sorry about your suicidal laptop, that was a bastard thing for Arnold to do. Although Emm does have a point about these mangos. I remember that evil mango song from James Bond! Gah! Now it's stuck in my head and mixing with the beginning piano part of that Hayley Mills song, 'Let's Get Together,' from the Parent Trap, again! I don't know how this happens.

Niamhy said...

Haha-'I forgot you were a leprechaun!' That just made MY day!

And our accent has been voted the third prettiest accent in the world-what I want to know is, who voted?! And I'm sure you have some sort of accent!

(By the way, Liam Neeson's accent actually sounded unbelievably cool when it was coming from a lion...)

I love how we go completely off topic...what are our blogs about again?

Millie said...

Deb: Haha! Thanks! Well, I'm glad the leprechaun made you happy! ;-D

Kalli: It was a pretty awful thing for Arnold to do! SHEESH! ;-D

MWAHAHAHAHA! Looks like you shouldn't be visiting my blog! Heh heh heh....

Niamhy: Well, leprechauns are pretty cool.

Wow! That's very true!

Actually, I really don't. I mean, Washington/the entire Pacific Northwest is notable for having one of the least accented voices in the world. Not that that is really cool or anything! Haha!


IDK?! What ARE blogs for?! What do leprechauns use blogs for?! ;-D

Rose said...


I'm sorry about your laptop. How's college?

It's so cool that you're taking college classes in high school. I know some people who are doing the same; they really like it.

Um to answer your question...let's see...cross country city was yesterday and I medaled, finishing third. And I got a haircut today. And I'm not going to the homecoming dance tonight.


Send me an email or a message on tumblr sometime!

Have a lovely day! ^^~

Millie said...


College is pretty good! It's also hard though! Haha!

It is pretty awesome! And thankfully, I know a lot of people who are doing the same thing (not in my classes though.... -_-)

YAYA! Great job, Rose!

Oooh, what hairstyle?!

(Is the homecoming thing a bad thing or a good thing?!)

Oooh! YES! When my new laptop comes I'll be back on Tumblr! :-D

Niamhy said...

I have no idea what blogs are for-random people like us?! And many leprechauns don't know blogs exist. Sad, I know, but true. ;-D

Rose said...

Awww thanks! Region was this past week, and it was amazing: both our boys and girls teams won! And I made my goal of finishing in the top 20. I'm so excited for state~ :D

Um well it's just a layered hairstyle that goes down about an inch below my shoulders. It looks pretty ~voluminous~ but is still easy to manage, which is good! ^^

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your college courses! Seriously, it's so great that you're getting a head start on college.

Mmm, I hate being stuck in a stuffy, hot, dark room with a bunch of annoying people and getting a headache and listening to crappy music. So homecoming's a bad thing. My friends who went said it was lame anyways. :P Does your co-op school have dances?

Huzzah! Tell whoever's working on your laptop to hurry up already! ;D


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