Sunday, December 5, 2010


Today I was at Red Robins and my seat was at the perfect angle, so that I was facing two walls. One, with a  poster of James Dean....and the other with a poster of Steve McQueen.

Best. Seat. Ever.

(No, I have not blogged in approx. two years, and yes, this is my first post back. HAVEN'T YOU MISSED ME?! ;-D)



P.S. Can anyone give me like a three sentence summary of Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass"?! I need it before 8AM. No time for SparkNotes. THANKS! ;-P


NoirGirl said...

Yay for happy seats in Red Robin!!

That photo of James dean with the puppet is slightly disturbing, but Steve looks cool as ever. :) Can't wait for the Christmas Party!

I wish I could help with the summary, but I've never read WW. Is it really long? Maybe you can skim, get the general idea and then fake your way through it. If the teacher questions you, just say it was your "interpretation" of the story! ;D

Anonymous said...

The Millie...will be back to blogging? Yipeeeeee!!

Going to Red Robin is great, but sadly I always seem to get seated next to Tom Cruise instead of cool classic actors. At least the Caeser salad is good!

Millie said...

Casey: haha! Red Robin happy seats!

WHAT?! But, James is ALWAYS cool looking. (except when smiling...THEN HE ALWAYS LOOKS A LITTLE CREEPY! ;-D).

Haha! It's gonna be a great party!

SHEESH. Apparentally, NO ONE has read it! ;-D (Not even, cough, my friends who are in the,cough, class...;-D)

Thanks for the comment!

Emm: PSSHHH! Heck yeah!

Ugh. That's awful. I refuse a seat unless it has a view of some classic actor! ;-D

For me it's the Guacamole Bacon Burger...PURE PERFECTION! ;-D

kate gabrielle said...

Great Red Robin seat!! We always get seated next to awful 80's posters but I have fun looking around to see all the classic film stuff :D

I get the Banzai burger with a boca burger instead of beef!

And, um, I've never read Leaves of Grass either! Sorry!! Actually even if I did, it's way after 8am where you are so I wouldn't have been much of a help anyway lol ;-D

Niamhy said...

Roll on Wednesday! I can't wait until Wednesday either...'COS I'M OFF SCHOOL! This is an exciting event for every pupil at my school-WE'RE NEVER OFF!

Mercurie said...

That is one great seat!

Millie said...

Kate: 80's posters are unacceptable.

OH MY GOSH! I LOVE BOCA BURGERS! (Maybe my true calling was as a vegetarian!? ;-D)

There's really no use to reading Leaves of Grass. It's all summed up into...Hi I'm Walt Whitman...I'm the greatest American poet ever....oh look at that beautiful is almost as beautiful as my poetry...did I mention that I am the greatest American poet ever?!



Terry: Yes. It was amazing. ;-D


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