Thursday, December 30, 2010

Monkee Mania....ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!

Happy Birthday to Mike Nesmith (68) and Davy Jones (65). 

I remember sometime, long in the past (for all we know I probably never said it at all), mentioning a series I was going to start about The Monkees, BUT WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO SERIES I ANNOUNCE!

Anyway. In this post I'm just gonna post a little cool Monkeeness!

My favorite Davy Jones sung-song:

His basic, non-singingness works extremely well in Forget That Girl! The song makes you wish you were running through a sunshiney field in the middle of summer. :')

Moving right along to Mike:

Tapioca Tundra is such BRILLIANCE! No idea what it's about, but it's definitely brilliant.

Click on it. You won't be able to pull yourself away, nor will you be able to stop at one listen. Believe me.

Coming in behind Tapioca Tundra is Listen to the Band, if only for the completely awesomeness of every time he sings "Listen to the Band....duh duh duh duh duh duh". It's quite fun to recreate that moment at home. One of my younger brothers and I do it often. (Much to the annoyance of everyone else...;-D)

Now, we get to the actual TV show.

Davy: Although, Davy is my least favorite member of The Monkees (but I do love them all so much), he really was a huge part of the reason the show was successful. He was the "actor" of the bunch. This clip is completely random, but also seriously hilarious. (It's actually from a TV special, but still...) Davy is lead singing a crazy 50's teen-band, complete with creeper non-human-sounding back-up singers. AMAZING.

 This clip (just the first minute of this video) will never cease to be completely hysterical to me. Mike reading the farm report. Hilarity. "Mr. Kreshlow, Mr. Kreshlow....YOUR CHICKENS ARE DEAD." Brilliance.

 Anyways, Happy Birthday Mr. Nesmith and Mr. Jones. YOU ARE BOTH WAY TOO AWESOME!


P.S. Thanks ever so to Terry for reminding me it was their birthdays! :-D


Miss Virginia said...

Oh, I love the Monkees! A few years ago one of the TV stations was airing their shows every night--they were absolutely hilarious! Especially the theme song.


Mercurie said...

I love Tapioca Tundra, but like you I've no idea what it is about. I always liked Forget That Girl, but I think my favourite song Davy sang lead on was Valleri. As to Listen to the Band, it is awesome. It was the best (and one of the few good parts) of 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee!

Niamhy said...


Aw, I love The Monkees...and feel like an idiot for forgetting Mike's and Davy's birthday! My brain's a sieve, it really is.

kim said...

Thnaks for remembering The Monkees.They were such a huge part of my childhood....too young for actual Beatlemania.Still love the music.Cheers.


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