Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1/20/11 - 1/23/11 .... MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Niamhy (aka: The Irish Leprechaun) of Born In The Wrong Decade and I are hosting a weekend of Bradford Dillman coolness coming up at the end of January. This mini-blogathon will consist of movie reviews, random posts, and perhaps even a video tribute...heh heh heh.

The purpose of this Bradford Dillman celebration is because, quite frankly, hardly ANYONE even knows who he is (although they would almost certainly recognize his face from the many films and TV shows he's appeared in SINCE THE 50'S!).

This is a travesty.

Bradford Dillman is brilliant, hilarious, originated the role of Edmund Tyrone (Eugene O'Neill's autobiographical character in A Long Day's Journey Into Night) on Broadway, AND HAS THE BEST EVIL SMILE EVER SEEN ON FILM OR TELEVISION.

You should start getting excited. Now.

And, hey, if you're a Bradford Dillman fan and would like to contribute to the blogathon, either post the post on your blog during that weekend (and send me the link) or send me the post and I'll post it here! And if you by some CRAZY chance are not a Bradford Dillman fan....you will be by the end of that weekend...OR ELSE. ;-D



Sarah said...

MAN OH MAN I think I might just have to do a Bradford post.

I am seriously so excited, you guys.

Millie said...


Your comment just greatly excited me!

Niamhy said...


I really need to calm down-too much excitement over the next two weeks...in three weeks time I will probably be dead. ;-P

Classic Film and TV Cafe said...

Bradford did some fun made-for-TV movies...my favorite being the werewolf (or is it a werewolf?) pic MOON OF THE WOLF.

Matthew Coniam said...

The Dill Man!
Dig him! I know him mainly from guest star bits in the seventies, and tv movies. He's Dirty Harry's boss in The Enforcer, I think. And is he in Phantom of Hollywood? Some of those tv movies anyway. was he ever a Columbo villain? Disaster movies? Oh I'm rambling ~I know. But this is exciting.

Millie said...


Classic: You know, I REALLY need to that! It has Dr. Richard Kimble in it as well, doesn't it?!


The Dill Man.

^The official nickname of the Bradford Dillman Festival.

yessssssss! I am overjoyed to discover how many people actually know who he is! :-DDD

And yes, he was in a Columbo with The Magnificent Mr. Milland...one of the early seasons!

Anonymous said...

Hate to admit it, but I had to look up Bradford Dillman to find out if I'd seen him in anything -- and he was in one of my favorite spy shows ever, Mission: Impossible! So, I may be joining your blog-a-thon, if I manage to make-over my blog, AND write an epic post on "The Dill Man" as an evil defector/scientist/genius/totally heartless individual.


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