Monday, January 3, 2011

Anne Francis.

Anne Francis
September 16, 1930 - January 2, 2011

Anne Francis was such a wonderful actress and person. And although she lived a full and long life-- her death has still come as a shock. Honey West was never supposed to die.

How can I put into words the extreme coolness, awesomeness, and groundbreaking nature of Anne Francis?!

She starred in many films and televisions shows (her + Twilight Zone = instant classic), but she was really Honey West to me. 

Honey West was a brilliant, but short-lived series in the 60's. It starred Anne Francis as the title character: a judo-fighting, gun-wielding, fearless private detective...with a pet ocelot named Bruce.

This was a revolutionary show in America (and only just behind Honor Blackman in The Avengers in Britain). And it is awesome. Anne Francis perfectly embodied Honey West. And I hate to sound stupidly cliched, but she is seriously an icon and "role-model" for girls. She's completely "feminine" (and wears the coolest 60's clothes EVER), but not afraid to assert herself and maybe even take down the bad guy single-handedly. She's awesome.

In the above video she takes down Kevin McCarthy...and then remembers to stop and comb her hair before she leaves the room. (What you may see in the corner of this clip is another body she had disposed of before Kevin came into the room.)

While this is a television character, it is also completely Anne Francis. In everything she ever appeared in she brought energy and coolness. She was a brilliant actress.

She will be missed.



kate gabrielle said...

I'm so sorry, i know how much you loved her! :-( I was just watching The Twilight Zone episode with the mannequins the other day.. she seemed like such a sweet person! :(

Francesca Paolucci said...

Another one of my heroines gone. Rest In Peace, Ann.

Anonymous said...

I was upset when I heard about her death yesterday. That's something rather rare for me.

"She's completely "feminine" (and wears the coolest 60's clothes EVER), but not afraid to assert herself and maybe even take down the bad guy single-handedly." This is exactly why I love her. Too many times role models for women are more tough than ladylike -- But Anne had it all!

BTW, if you haven't seen her guest spot on Mission: Impossible yet, you must! I think I may even have a link for it...

A perfectly splendid tribute Millie!

Mercurie said...

It is so sad to think she's gone! Anne Francis was so remarkable. She played the first American female action hero and a number of other notable roles. Very few actresses have ever had a career to match hers.


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