Sunday, January 23, 2011

GAHHHH! I hate Geography Forever....and The Bradford Dillman blog-a-thon is being extended!

You may have noticed that the much hyped Bradford Dillman celebration has not had a LOT of posts going in to it.

My fault. ACTUALLY, it's my geography teacher who assigned homework to be due DURING the weekend (online). WHAT KIND OF WARPED MIND DOES THAT?! REALLY?! ;-D

Bradford cannot understand...WHY?!
I've been spending most of this weekend researching and writing papers on Darfur (due last night), Rwanda (due tonight), Congo (due tomorrow night), and Aids in South Africa (due Tuesday). ALSO on Tuesday: Essay due on weather patterns in Sub-Saharan Africa and a test on the "original" tribes in Africa.

I am not even joking.

I hate college. ;-D

Because of this, I am extending the Bradford Dillman celebration into next week! Because I really do have posts to be written and crazy videos to make! Haha!


Niamhy said...


Thank you! Though I've ran out of Brad photos. And Brad quotes. Okay, I've basically ran out of everything, but I WILL find something! Haha! ;-P

Mercurie said...

I'm sorry you're bogged down with geography, but as I said on Niamhy's blog, I am really enjoying the Bradford Dillman marathon!

marksparky said...

And we mustn't forget Brad had the exquisite taste to marry Suzy Parker, only the most fabulous supermodel of the 50s.

Emm said...

YAY!! I was mildly disappointed with the lack of crazy cool posts from The Millie. And now, I may even join in the fun myself!!!!


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