Friday, January 21, 2011

Quotables: Bradford Dillman

My mother had a friend who was never convinced I had talent. Being close to the family, she worried that one day I'd be found out and never work again, leaving my children to starve.

I appeared on an episode of Mission Impossible as a bad guy targeted by the Missionaries for infiltration. The man of many faces, Martin Landau was appointed to impersonate me. It was an easy week for Marty. After stirring up the plot he got to go home and play with the kids, until the final scene, when he peels off a mask revealing his disguise.

Of course, for me it was a full week because I was the guy impersonating Marty, impersonating me.

My mother's friend viewed the episode and was quick to call. "I hope when you did the show you were watching Martin Landau. Now, there's a great actor. You can learn from him. He was more like you than you!"

-Are You Anybody?: An Actor's Life


pal shazar said...

the new header looks fantastic!

Clara said...

LOL to the quote, THUMBS UP to your new Ray Milland header :)

Kalli said...

I love that that Ray Milland picture is your new header. The Lost Weekend is awesome!


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