Friday, February 25, 2011

Photo of the Day!

Cool people being cool.


DKoren said...

Awesome picture!!

Anonymous said...

I love this photo. It clearly defines everything that is absolutely wonderful about The Great Escape. Except David McCallum is missing. But he might overwhelm the rest of these VERY COOL people with his own extreme coolness.

Seriously, I'm still not over him getting killed off. Evil Nazis!

I see that I've been given the liberty to nag you about not emailing me back yet. Oh wait, that only applies to your ClassicForever email, and doesn't include your regular one. This is NOT hunky-dunky!

But really, if you have time...I'd love to discuss all the random and crazy things we usually write each other about. And yes, I do a happy dance when I get emails from people as lovely as you.

Now that I've made you feel completely guilty...I should just stop. I really should.

Millie said...

Deb: Isn't it?! I practically died when I found it!

Emmmmmmmm: This is true. I believe the coolness would have exploded the camera.

It's not fair. Of course I was pleased that James Coburn made it to safety...FOR ONCE. Whenever he pairs up with Steve it's usually an automatic death sentence (Mag 7, Hell Is For Heroes)!

I AM SO SORRY! I shall email post-haste! I hadn't forgotten. I just tried to be responsible and finish my school (up till 4:30 this morning/got up again at 7 to hand in an essay. haha)!

I GET SUPER-EXCITED WHEN I GET AN EMAIL FROM YOU. I always read it right away. It takes me far to long to respond though. I am terribly sorry!

Anonymous said...

James Coburn always dies. Even when he's a horrible villain, he's so cool that I rather want him to survive. I get happy when he pops up in random westerns (playing evil characters, of course) and my family thinks I'm nuts.

There's an old British TV show with David McCallum (and Robert Wagner) about some British POWs that are always trying to escape from the Germans. But, it's rather dull, and I don't think they ever really do escape.

You always have remembered to write me back. BUT, I just had to laugh about that note in your sidebar!


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