Monday, February 14, 2011

Wallowing in Adorableness: Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee

Who better to kick off this day, CLEARLY designed for the single purpose of allowing everyone to wallow in the adorableness of real-life classic film couples, than the monarchs of adorableness: Bobby + Sandy.

1960 - 1967


Most Adorable Moment (I CAN'T CHOOSE ONE):

The scene at the ruins in Come September; the scene in If A Man Answers when Sandy asks Bobby to marry her and then informs him that she can't accept his proposal; the entire film of That Funny Feeling (Seriously. It's NOT a good idea to watch that movie with me and my best fleshie. You won't able to hear ANY of it over the loud "AWWWWWWWW's" ;-D).

Okay, I had to upload this scene from That Funny Feeling on to YouTube.

I'm pretty sure that just spoke for itself.

I'm also pretty sure that this since this post has already become a sea of ridiculous adorableness....the rest of the posts are just going to be MORE AND MORE "INTERESTING"! ;-D


Niamhy said...

I'm crying. I'm actually crying. :')

Miss Milky said...

They are so elegant and sweet :-)


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