Monday, March 21, 2011

The Coolest Actor of the '60s.

Last week I posted a poll asking you all to choose who you thought was the coolest actor of the '60s. The list you were given to choose from was one which took me approximately 30 seconds to think up and post. If I had thought about it any longer there would have been at least 3,000 more entries.

SO, anyway.

Tied for last place with 0 votes each are:

Frankie Avalon [hehehehe! I just put him in as an option to annoy everybody. ClassicForever readers are still paying for voting against Awesome Surfer Movies in that poll last year....;-D]

[How could you not vote for his clearly cool, unmovable hairstyle?!]

Alain Delon also received 0 votes....poor Alain!

And oddly enough, Sidney Poitier also received 0 votes! WHY?!

Coming in 6th place with  just 1 vote is Peter O'Toole (at LEAST he managed to get ONE vote!):

Coming in 5th place with 2 votes is Marcello Mastroianni (Applaud. That's the first I've ever spelled his last name right without Googling it!)

Tied for fourth with 3 votes each are:

Bobby Darin! I am quite pleased as I gave him my vote because I thought he wasn't going to get any votes! You other two voters (or one clever poll manipulater): I salute you! ;-D

Also tied for fourth - the brilliant Jack Lemmon!

Coming in third with 5 votes is James Garner:

Coming in second [cough cough, should be first, cough cough] with 6 votes: The King of Cool himself!

And first place, with 7 votes, is Paul Newman:

Well, that was fun. Basically the entire REASON I created the poll was so I could make the results page and post photos of impossibly cool actors! ;-D

Also: Clearly my followers have an irrational hatred of accented actors. Alain and Sidney got zero votes, Peter got one vote, and Marcello was the highest ranked accent-- with two votes. WHY?! Haha

Thanks for voting! Who did you vote for? And who is your personal choice for the coolest actor of the '60s?



monty said...

Somehow I missed this awesome poll Millie. And I am surprised at some of the results. But I figured the coolest actor of the 60's would come down to Newman or McQueen. And hey Millie I will be putting on a tournament for the men in June, like I'm now doing for the women. Would you like to assist me? It's a daunting task for one person as I have found out while during the womens. I will send you an email as well in case you don't read this comment. Have a great day.

Jonathan Melville said...

Sadly I also missed the vote but mine would have gone to Jim Garner.

Coolest actor then or now who makes it all look so easy, too easy perhaps. Far too many 60s gems to recommend, though The Great Escape, Support Your Local Sheriff and The Americanization of Emily are near the top of the list.

This post might be of interest to Garner fans

Amanda Cooper said...

I think I voted for Paul, but it broke my heart not to be able to vote for Steve, Bobby, Peter and Sidney, too! Why, why, WHY does just one person have to win?!

Also, this might seem like an odd question, but WHERE is Tony Curtis? I'd think that The Great Race alone would qualify him to be a contestant.

Clara said...

YAY, Paul won :)

Robby Cress said...

Quite the list. What a difficult choice! Love that picture of Alain Delon by the way. That white jacket with the little flower or pin - definitely quite stylish!

Anonymous said...

No, no, NO! This is clearly all wrong. How did James Garner NOT win?! Okay, I was sort of expecting The King of Cool to top him (which honestly didn't bother me deeply), but I was definitely not anticipating Paul Newman!

I also wanted to give Sidney Portier & Peter O'Toole each a vote, and well, to be honest, Frankie Avalon too...

Anonymous said...

the outcome couldn't have been better! who's cooler than Newman?

no one.

..Because your blog is wonderful I've decided to pass the Stylish blogger award onto you (details over at my blog).

Raquelle said...

How did I miss this poll?! I would have voted for Sidney Poitier for sure. I love that man.

Niamhy said...

I MISSED IT TOO! How on earth did this happen?

But then...I mightn't have been able to choose...Bobby probably would have got my vote. :-P

Penny said...

I voted for Bobby Darin!
Great fun...

Millie said...

Monty: Yeah. I wasn't too surprised at it coming down to Newman and McQueen, they were both definitely VERY cool!

Hmmm, okay, I'll check my email. Although, I'm not the most organized person and I'm sure I couldn't help you too much...haha!

Thanks for the comment.

Jonathan: I agree. James Garner is awesome. And oddly underrated in the 60's coolness!

Amanda: I KNOW! IT'S NOT FAIR! (Excluding the fact that I wrote this poll. ;-D) EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE WON!

I forgot so many people making this poll. It was pretty sad. haha!

Clara: He's pretty stinkin' awesome.

Robby: I know. I had to have one cool Frenchman in this -- and Alain is just the most stylish. haha

Emm: Yeah. I was thinking Steve would win too. And he's clearly The King of Cool (Bobby's even cooler though).

HAHAHAHHA! I'm glad we have one Frankie supporter here! ;-D

Zoe: He's pretty awesome.

Awww! Thanks!

Raquelle: YAY! I'm glad he would have gotten your vote! I'm surprised he didn't get any votes!


Penny: Thank you ever so much. He deserved it. haha!

Thanks for voting! :-D

grezilda said...

I voted for Steve <3, can't believe he didn't win.
btw, great blog you've got here!

Achaia said...

So, we completely missed this poll, but if we'd voted Steve McQueen would DEFINATELY be #1!!! Paul Newman's cool enough, but he's no Steve McQueen. Oh, and James Garner's pretty awesome too.


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