Friday, March 25, 2011

Dear, Mr. Welles

I may have genuinely liked Harry Lime, felt very sorry for CHARLES FOSTER KANE (the name always must be SCREAMED), and scoffed at the idea of Jane Eyre ending up with Mr. Rochester (a man so clearly more awesome than her) -- but I refuse - REFUSE - to be taken in by Franz Kindler the Nazi.

Or so I thought. 

Mr. Welles, why do you find it so necessary to always mess with my mind so utterly and completely?!

Why didn't you ever work with Sir Alfred? (Besides the fact that the two of you would have probably ended up strangling each other.) He loved directing fascinating villains. You loved directing and playing fascinating villains. Think of the possible mind-blowing amount of cool villainy.

What is it about you that makes you so inherently likable, Mr. Welles? I always just want to smile watching you onscreen. The way some people feel about Jimmy Stewart or John Wayne -- I feel about you. You could have maybe used this inherent likability to play, you know, LIKABLE characters or something?! Why did you instead play gleefully evil black market-dealing baby killers and Nazis and just all-around heartless guys?

Also: why are you so awesomely brilliant, genius-personified, and utterly cool?

Mr. Welles, even though you usually don't survive to the end of any film you appear in, I love you.

Thank you for never changing. And thank you for never settling for anything less than perfection (even in frozen pea commercials...;-D). You'll always be the favorite boy genius of EVERYONE (excluding William Randolph Hearst, people who love Rita Hayworth with red hair, and most producers/studio heads).

You're just awesome.


The Millie

^Orson Welles in The Stranger playing a Nazi with a creeper mustache and a love for old clocks and killing people.


Lolita Kane said...

Here ya go, a Stylish Blog Award!

Anonymous said...

I feel so movie illiterate. I haven't seen Orson Welles as anything but super evil Cesare Borgia in a semi-terrible Ty Power movie. (And no, I am NOT kidding.)

So, honestly, my feelings toward Mr. Welles COULD be compared with my feelings on Jimmy Stewart. ;D

Audrey said...

I always find him likable too, even when he is clearly NOT supposed to be likable. I think it's because he just has a very magnetic, larger-than-life screen presence. (At least I choose to believe that is why...)

Robby Cress said...

If Orson Welles only had his voice, amongst his many other fine qualities, he would certainly be something to treasure.

kate gabrielle said...

haha, fantastic! I love the "people who love Rita Hayworth with red hair" thing LOL!

I really need to see more Orson Welles movies. I ADORE Citizen Kane and The Third Man, but I actually can't think of anything else I've seen him in! Well, except Touch of Evil which I had to watch in film class and really didn't like (sorry!!!) Soo recommendations?

Millie said...

Lolita: Awww! Thanks!

Emm: I totally have that movie on my Netflix Queue. I'VE NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE! Hahaha!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! Orson Welles is pure genius. You need to go watch The Third Man (YOU'LL ADORE IT), The Lady From Shanghai (BRILLIANT), and Citizen Kane (not at all as scary as it might's quite entertaining!)

Audrey: Exactly. He definitely had presence. I'm glad I'm not the only crazy person who finds Orson Welles likable being evil! ;-D

Robby: Oh my gosh. Yes. His voice is one of my favorites. My Uncle gave me a CD boxset with a bunch of Welles' radio performances. HEAVEN. Haha!

Kate: Personally, *I* think she's just as cool with bleached blonde hair! ;-D

Ooooh! You should totally watch The Lady From Shanghai. It's one of my utterly favorite movies. Even though it's a little confusing (the dumb studio producer people hacked it up), it's still amazing. And that last scene in the hall of mirrors. WOW.

Mercurie said...

You're precisely right, Millie. Orson Welles could create some great bad guys who were utterly sympathetic. I noticed it first in The Third Man and later when I watched Citizen Kane.

And I agree, Kate must see The Lady from Shanghai!

Anonymous said...

Hey Millie, I just wanted to let your blog know I featured you on my "Stylish bloggers" post:

Will Dockery said...

Favorite Welles film although I love them all, Lady From Shanghai.


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