Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy 18th Birthday, Sarah!

Frankly, I am unwilling to believe that Sarah is now an adult. It's just too crazy. If feels like yesterday that we were meeting up on the TCM Message Boards to discuss Audrey Hepburn. BUT YESTERDAY SHE WAS 14 AND I WAS 13. THAT IS CRAZINESS. 

Sarah is just cool. There is no other word that better describes her. She's also awesome, hilarious, super-intelligent, incredibly witty, and just cool. 


She's just the Queen of Quips.

Sarah is always original (in an incredibly cool way). Her posts are far too few  and long between, but when they do show up-- they always make me laugh.

And Sarah doesn't mind getting all fan-girl with me about random people. 

I don't know. This post doesn't really make any sense. I can't really boil Sarah down to a few descriptions (I also don't want to boil her. ;-D)

Basically, I just want to be Sarah. Always.

Audrey's checking on the birthday cake!

P.S. Expect a better post later! :-D

P.P.S. Check out her 17th and 16th birthdays!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I love how you signed it ILRM! Oh the good old TCM board days...
And I prefer to be all fan-girl all the time with you, haha! Fangirling is a favorite hobby and past time of mine! :D
thank you Millie dearest!!

PS my captcha for word verification is "hotpoe" ... SO close to being hot potato, yet not quite. I'm not sure why I felt you needed to know that but you do. ;)


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