Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to Win Non-Fleshies and Influence Classic Movie Bloggers

Do you like my awesome title?! I thought of it myself while I was sitting in my boring Geography class learning about how China is going to destroy us all-- more than likely in the next four years.

Anyway. I suddenly got the urge to watch Sunday In New York (again) on Thursday night at 11 or so. This would not at all be unusual in my former, carefree, practically perfect life-- but now The Millie is a college student. Words like responsibility, dedication, and sleep are suddenly a normal part of my vocabulary (so are depression, unhappiness, and exhaustion-- as you can well imagine).

OF COURSE, I HAD to text Kate and let her know I was watching her movie (I'm pretty sure when the copyright expired on the movie, sometime in the early 2000's, Kate took ownership!), because I rarely do anything remotely bordering on awesome without letting SOMEONE know. It's just the way us post-post-modern children do things. (I'm not joking. My political science professor last quarter told me that I was born into the post-post-modern era because I was only seven when 9/11 happened!)

The next day in geog class - in the midst of India overtaking China in 2050 - I was thinking about why it was I was texting Kate when I was going to watch Sunday In New York (besides the fact that she owns the copyright...;-D [OH MY GOSH! Fourth paragraph in, and only the first creepy, winking emoticon]).

It's because of Rod Taylor.

Kate is the entire reason I actually like Rod Taylor. Oh, I never really had anything against him. But, The Birds and The Glass-Bottom Boat sort of just left me blah on the subject. Kate's complete adoration for both Rod and SINY (and the free copy of it she sent me...haha) led me to watch the movie (and a couple other Rod films). Her posts about him made me watch the movie with, I suppose, a "new perspective". I came out of it liking Rod Taylor. Genuinely liking him. (I'm still on the fence with Cliff Robertson though-- THE BIG KAHUNA'S CREEPERNESS PERVADES EVERY THOUGHT OF HIM. ;-D)

Of course, then I started thinking about all the other influences non-fleshies [Reminder: the definition for unfamiliar words is in The Milliesaurus at the top of the page!] have had on me. A LOT OF INFLUENCES.

Before Kate became possibly-unhealthily obsessed with him, I had sorta/kinda heard the name Dirk Bogarde once or twice. I vaguely thought he was some character actor in b-movies. Um. No.

Also: has British accent.

Before Casey got ahold of me...I HAD NEVER SEEN A DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS JR. MOVIE. I had never watched the brilliance of Gunga Din. (Quick true story: I recently had a midterm in the aforementioned geography class. Because of extenuating circumstances, I was unable to study for the test AND I had missed a couple days of class because of sickness and snow. Anyway, the essay question was about colonization in India as opposed to colonization in Southwest Asia. OF COURSE that was the day of class I missed [reading the textbook possibly could have helped as well]. I faked the entire essay part of the test. A good portion of my answer may or may not have been knowledge gained from Gunga Din. I got 92% on the test. This should restore my faith in the historical accuracy of studio films, but it more restores my faith in the fact that using as many as possible large words and saying the same thing over and over in different sentence structures confuses over-worked professors EVERY TIME. End quick true story.) I had never seen the jaw-dropping coolness of Sinbad the Sailor! I had never watched Having A Wonderful Time, or The Joy of Living, or Young In Heart. In short, I was leading a deprived life. My life is much better with DFJ in it!

Sarah completely changed my opinion on Anthony Perkins. Apparently, he wasn't actually Norman Bates in real life (WHO KNEW?!). He was actually this person: 

PSYCHO SPOILER ALERT! (Note: this is NOT the same person who kills his mother, then dresses up as said mother and kills other people. Not at all.) END SPOILER ALERT!

There are many other examples of my movie tastes being changed. In myriads of different ways, I have been influenced by others. Classic film bloggers have diverse interests and favorites, and so have a great ability to persuade by their enthusiasm.

^This paragraph was written to show you my method of saying the same thing many times and lengthening other-wise blank essays. ;-DDD

Seriously speaking, my movie favorites have been often added to by other classic movie bloggers-- non-fleshies. Othertimes, a review will be written that makes me NEED to run out and watch that film at any cost. That is why I watched The Hustler: Raquelle's review. Nicola's 365 Movies series made me watch so many different movies. Alyson over at The Best Picture Project (brilliant blog by the way) has made me watch (or at least WANT to watch) any number of Oscar nominated films. AND I USUALLY HATE AWARD-WINNING FILMS. And I'm not gonna even talk about the fact that I'm watching Darby O'Gill and the Little People on St. Patrick's Day - Sean Connery's singing notwithstanding - because of Niahmy's recommendation. And these examples are just a few off the top of my head. You guys have so much influence over me that some things I clearly remember as being long-favorites...probably originated from one of your blogs!


I  recently wrote my term paper for history class on the impact of WWII movies made during WWII. I also cited Matthew. I also got an almost perfect score on the paper (the few points I missed were because of some mistakes in the bibliography page). That's craziness, my dear followers. You guys are awesome.


Clearly, I haven't had too much influence over my followers (I feel like you guys need a cool name, so we can start a ClassicForever cult, yes?! Comment with a name for my readers. The winning name may be featured here some day. ;-DDD). ESPECIALLY when I comes to my beloved mind-smushing entertainment (I will NEVER forgive you all for voting against Awesome Surfer Movies in that poll about least favorite genre). I do however take some credit for the recent global popularity of the phrase Wowzie Kazam. That and that alone is the mark I have left on the world. ;-D

What I'm trying to say - in the least nonsensically way possible at 5am - is that the classic film blogging community is AWESOME. Where else could I find people so much like myself?! (You probably shouldn't take that as a compliment.) Where else in the world could I find other people who like Dr. Goldfoot and The Bikini Machine?! (Okay. I haven't found anyone else yet. BUT I WILL.) Where else could I find such nice, always stupendously amazingly cool, and sometimes even sardonic people who like to argue about Alfred Hitchcock movies?!

I MUSTACHE YOU GUYS. [Again, this post is relying heavily on the assumption of the readers' knowledge of basic Millie-speak.]

So. How have you influenced/been influenced by the classic movie blogging world? And, have you ever watched Gidget Goes Hawaiian on my shining recommendation? Comment and let me know (or just comment. Please. I hate the pathetic posts with no comments. When that happens I almost start letting spammers comment. So really, please. ;-DDD)


P.S. This is a random shout-out to Brian. Because he begged for it. And if he's reading this right now, then he should know that he's not supposed to be reading my blog. Sooo.  ;-DD


Audrey said...

This post is full of WIN! Reading your blog makes me all happy. I think it's the way you write and how funny you are.

So, anyway, I totally agree with your point here. I've seen so many films/learned so much thanks to the influence of other classic film bloggers.

Millie said...

:') I LOVE YOU, AUDREY! And I love your blog/Tumblr too! This comment is so incredibly nice and wonderful (proving my point about the awesomeness of classic film blogger people)!

I know! It's crazy. I can't even remember what it was like before blogging. How did I learn about new movies?! Haha!

Clara said...

Will you still blog after becoming globally famous because of your talent for writing, in which you manage, in a very natural way, to entertain the reader with apparently rambling paragraphs that always reach a clear, convincing point??? Would you sing my copy of your books??

Penny said...

Hi to the Millie!

Oh, mercy this post had me smiling all sorts of sappy smiles :)!!!!!!

Lets see.................
I've watched "Pride & Prejudice" 1940 because of you,
{and that is seriously something considering that up to that time I avoided Jane Austen anything like the plague.}

"My Man Godfrey", Deanna Durbin movies in general.

Oh, and I have had my contempt of a certain Randolph Scott, encouraged to red hot heat.
Though amazingly, just the other day, I watched "To the Shores of Tripoli" strictly to see the young and gorgeous Maureen O' Hara......{not a recommended watch by the way. Duuummb.}
Anyways,:) the star John Payne, who I was expecting to like, made me so mad I was actually, unbelieveably, amazingly, ON RANDOLPH SCOTT's side!!!!!!
Think of it!!!
And when the afore-mentioned R.S and J.P get in a fight, I was inwardly cheering for HIM.....
I seriously don't expect to ever feel that way again!

Anyways, those are just a few ways The Millie has influenced me, and I will probably think of a dozen more after I've posted this. :)

Amanda Cooper said...

"Clearly, I haven't had too much influence over my followers." - NOT TRUE!!!

If it weren't for you, I might never have found Love With the Proper Stranger - which would be a real shame because it's one of my favorite movies ever. [Okay, "never" might be an exaggeration, but it would have taken longer for me to see it, which would be a tragedy. Any day without knowing how great LWPS is must be a sad day.]

Also, thanks to you, "mind-smushing entertainment" is now a part of my daily vocabulary.

Laurie said...

I think it's safe to say you have influenced me! Because of you, I now love Michael Callan, Bobby Darin, Dana Andrews, Wanted:Dead or Alive, The Wild Wild West, and probably more!! Thanks for being so awesome! :)

Emm said...

Millie, I probably would have felt guilty about loving Frankie & Annette to the end of my days if I hadn't run across your blog that fateful day when I was hunting for classic film photos. And I probably wouldn't have seen Baby-Faced Brilliance AKA This Gun for Hire or fallen for Ty Power. And most importantly, I wouldn't have become a student of mind-smushing entertainment! (I think I may be the only person who you ever got to watch Gidget Goes Hawaiian!)

Also, it's strangely creepy that I wrote an essay recently on the effect WWII had on film, and you wrote a paper on the effect movies had on WWII.

Millie said...

Clara: Clearly, I was begging for complimentary comments...but your comment is just too much! :') You pretty much made my century. And if you don't mind the fact that I sound like a dying cow...I would love to sing a copy of my book! ;-D

Penny: OH MY GOSH! That is seriously so exciting! P&P, My Man Godfrey, and Deanna are all incredibly near and dear to my heart. As is Randolph Scott hatred! ;-D

(Thanks for the non-recommend. They're always appreciated! Haha!)

Hmmmm. I'm not able to currently comprehend a situation where RS would be less annoying than John Payne (who is AWESOME). I'm gonna take your word for it. But, it's a bit too much for my current mind-power to contemplate. ;-DDD

Amanda: Haha! That's awesome! And I would have never seen LWTPS if it hadn't been for a recommendation from Sarah. That's craziness!

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I feel building an entire brand around that phrase! ;-D

Emm: GUILT-FREE and happy! It's The Millie Therapy Center. ;-D

Awwww! I want to cry tears of endless joy! Haha!

If only I could get Kate to change her mind on Ty! ;-D

I FORGOT! I did get someone to watch GGH! Hallucinate!

I am you and you are me. We are one. ;-D

Sarah said...

ugh you are my favorite person EVER!
MY TONY <3 that clip of him is like the cutest, most awkwardly adorable thing ever I love ittt.

Millie said...

I know! I don't even know what the heck that clip is from. But he has that lopsided smile and squeaky voice....IT'S HILARIOUS/ADORABLE!

Sarah said...

It's from The Matchmaker which is basically the best movie ever. Not really it's actually pretty bad but I love it too much to notice how weird it is :)

NoirGirl said...

I completely concur with Clara and will be right behind her when you and your Dying Cow sing copies of your bestseller. ;D

Honestly, Millie - you are a truly talented writer. You have an incredible way of weaving your thoughts together and making all these random stories connect beautifully. You need to consider taking up writing as a career - you have a gift for it!

I actually squealed with delight when I read the DFJ paragraph. ESPECIALLY that part where Gunga Din may actually have helped you pass your test! I'm so happy to have been able to share his films with you. :D

I laughed out loud at this line: "Apparently he wasn't actually Norman Bates in real life (WHO KNEW?!)" I always thought that same thing before Sarah opened my eyes! Oh and that clip is from the original version of Hello Dolly - it's called The Matchmaker. It's quite fun!

When you launch the Mind-Smushing Entertainment brand, can I design the logo and packaging? Please? Perhaps if I agree to watch Dr Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine??

I can't even begin to count all the films you have introduced me to that have become instant favorites. Cat Ballou for a whopping start! How about The Moonspinners, which I had never even heard of until you and Kate told me about it. That film started my Hayley obsession! And heavens, what about Alias: Smith and Jones!! (Even if I do prefer Heyes...)

And SURVIVOR! Only you could have convinced me to watch a modern reality TV show. Only you!

In short, my dear, you have impacted my life immensely since we met and I hope you continue to do so! It's so much fun being your Auntie Casey! :D

Audrey said...

I wholeheartedly concur with Clara and Casey. (THAT is what I was trying to say. :))

I forgot to comment on that crazy Anthony Perkins clip. It was hilarious...!

kate gabrielle said...

aww this is such a sweet post Millie! :) I actually had no idea that you liked Rod Taylor until you just mentioned it this week! lol! Now, if only I can get you to budge on the Cliff Robertson issue ;-)

You've gotten me to watch a million things I never would have tried, ever! I mean, Pushing Daisies is probably in my top 10 favorite shows of all time now, and I never would have even given it a second thought if you hadn't sent me the disc! Also, AS&J, The Bob Newhart show, That Funny Feeling, Come September, reminding me how awesome The Moonspinners is, getting me to listen to more Bobby Darin and Monkees songs!

You've influenced me A LOT (I have to say, there were much less mind-smushing films in my dvd collection until I met you lol ;-D) but I'm really kind of surprised, and honored that I've influenced you at all! You have a will made of IRON, so the mere fact that me, Casey or Sarah have gotten you to watch anything, let alone like anything, is close to a miracle, and we should kind of be knighted or something for that.. ;-D

Matthew Coniam said...

So glad your essay got top marks - otherwise you might have blamed me.

This was really sweet.

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