Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quotables: Support Your Local Sheriff!


Ginger said...

I adore this movie! I just rewatched it hilarious. James Garner = <3

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

My father and I can sit around all afternoon and quote this movie. My personal favorite, after Walter Brennan's character leaves the jail:

Jason: You know... he strikes me as bein' a lonely man.

Jake: Lonely? Danby? Why he's a mean, no-good, lowdown bushwhacker!

Jason: Well, there you see? No wonder he's lonely...

My other favorite is when Dern protests that Garner arrested him in the saloon in front of all his friends and Garner retorts: "Oh, Joe--I doubt you have that many friends..."

monty said...

Awesome Millie!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think I liked Support Your Local Gunfighter! slightly better than Support Your Local Sheriff! But that may have been because I was extremely tired and fuzzy-brained when I saw 'Gunfighter'.

Anyhow, James Garner is CLEARLY the coolest person in your new poll. I thought you should know.

Millie said...

Ginger: I know! The brilliance of the movie is too much. And James Garner's facial expressions make me practically die every time! Haha!

Ivan: Hahahaha! Just reading your comment...I was laughing out loud! I love all the interactions between Dern and Garner. I think the whole situation with the red paint is my favorite part of the whole movie!

Monty: Thanks, Monty!

Emm: WHAT?! Please say no. Support Your Local Sheriff is clearly greater in every way. Except for Suzanne Pleshette. I always wish I could trade her for Joan Hackett! Haha!

I'm surprised at his great amount of votes! Are you cheating?! ;-D

Audrey said...

I must see this!

Anonymous said...

As I mentioned, I was overly tired and not thinking as rationally as I normally do. Which actually isn't too rational...but anyhow, I saw Support Your Local Gunfighter! first, oddly enough. And I love Suzanne too -- she makes my list of people who excite me greatly when they pop up in TV shows. ;D

James Garner is obviously the coolest person of the Sixties, so he'll naturally win. But cheating to push him to the top would completely justified because he is clearly cooler than everyone else, including Steve McQueen. However, I have enough faith in his coolness to refrain from resorting to such methods. ;D


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