Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2011 in Film: March

Hmmm. We've skipped over February. I forgot (until like March 27th). Terribly sorry. ;-D

Anyway. MARCH 2011. This was an interesting month. I had finals AND spring break AND the start of a spring quarter at college.

And I watched a remarkable amount of oddly cool films. PERFECTION.

March: 31 films overall/18 new

My Favorite New Film: 

TIE! You Must Be Joking! and The Blob. Both utter brilliance. I also adored Bright Star.

I want to absolutely thank Kate for getting me a copy of YMBJ! It is a very difficult film to find and I never thought I would ever get to see it! Kate is so awesome! :')

You can also check out a tribute I made to Michael Callan's performance:

My Least Favorite New Film:

Palm Springs Weekend. For five reasons: 1) Troy Donahue. 2) Troy Donahue. 3) Troy Donahue. 4) Troy Donahue. 5) The rest of the cast (excluding Robert Conrad and Stephanie Powers). This was the last film I watched this month, AND IT WAS PATHETIC. I was particularly amused by the scene of Troy Donahue/Ty Hardin (I don't remember which annoying, bland, boring actor it was at that moment) threatening and beating up Robert Conrad's evil, spoiled rich kid. AS IF. In real life, Robert Conrad could have easily beat both of them up [probably at the same time ;-D].

I did however enjoy the super-creepy trailer. I even had to make a gif. Haha!

Runner-up: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. This one is in the category of: The Things I Watch For Sidney Poitier

Best Movie Title:

If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium. No words  necessary.


That is all.

Best Cast:

Woman of Straw. Lollobrigida, Connery, and Sir Ralph?! What?! YES.

Runners up: The Stranger with Orson Welles, Edward G. Robinson, and Loretta Young.
Sergeants 3 for general Rat Pack awesomeness.
Marriage On the Rocks for Frank, Nancy, Deborah, and Dean.

Worst Cast:

See: My Least Favorite New Film

Best Title Song: 

The Blob's title song is beyond brilliance; beyond mere humanness.


I'm gonna go with Hell to Eternity and David Janssen. I watched the movie just for him and they killed him off just minutes from victory. -_-

Also, for those of you keeping track: this marks the second film I've watched this year solely for David Janssen-- which also happens to star Jeffrey Hunter as his war buddy. (January saw Man Trap where they played Korean War friends. HtE sees them as WWII buddies.) This also marks two quite unnecessary Jeffrey Hunter performances. THE THINGS I DO FOR MY BELOVED DR. RICHARD KIMBLE!

Runners up: Hombre.

Of course I found Paul Newman's death quite saddening, BUT, I was even MORE depressed by the death of Frank Silvera's awesome Mexican bandit! UNFAIR!

And even though I knew it was coming: Bright Star. Tears.

Most Viewed Actors:

Frank Sinatra: 4
Dean Martin: 3
Orson Welles: 2 (also both directed by him)
James Garner: 2
Suzanne Pleshette: 2
Troy Donahue: 2 (I am going to start reading the cast lists of films in my Netflix queue. Two films starring Blandness-Personified is a grievous error! ;-D)
Bobby Darin: 2
Sandra Dee: 2
Frankie Avalon: 2
Stephanie Powers: 2

Films By Decades:

1930's: 1 - 1 new
1940's:  3 - 2 new
1950's: 4 - 2 new
1960's: 18 - 11 new
2000's: 5 - 2 new

Quite the interesting month.


kate gabrielle said...

YAY I missed this in February!! :D

Did you seriously just watch The Blob for the first time this month?!!? I'm SHOCKED! :-O That's my favorite 50's sci fi movie, actually!

Oh, and btw I totally agree with you on Troy Donahue. The only film I've seen him in was Adventure in Rome, but he was awful and so extremely bland! I think I kept confusing him with somebody else though (strangely I don't remember who) that isn't as bad, and I thought "hm why does Millie hate him so much?!" but then I just realized he's the guy I couldn't stand in Adventure in Rome, and all was crystal clear.

Ok long boring comment, but anyway.. can't wait for your April post! :D

Sarah said...

I love your posts like this! So neat and creative :)
that gif, omg so sketchy. I am totally going to watch Bright Star soon so we can discuss and weep over it!

my captcha for this comment is "pea town" haha what?

Raquelle said...

You didn't like Palm Springs Weekend? :-( ::wimper::

Kalli said...

hahaha That gif is killing me!

Audrey said...

I now really want to see 'You Must Be Joking' after watching that video!

monty said...

Awesome post Millie and Woman of Straw? Like you I was what?

DKoren said...

This post made me grin and grin... even if I've only seen two of the films you mention: The Blob and Hombre. Oh, three. I've also seen The Stranger... (cuz Richard Long was in it.)

That gif makes me giggle.

Mercurie said...

I love The Blob. It is one of those films that sounds ridiculous when you describe it, but is great to watch.

Niamhy said...

I'm never going to be able to sleep again after looking at that gif. O_O

Millie said...

Kate: Awww! That actually makes me really happy! :')

I DON'T HOW THIS HAPPENED?! My older brothers used to watch it all the time. I just somehow never watched it! Haha!

(It's also probably the ONLY '50s sci fi movie you like, right?! ;-DD)

OH MY GOSH. That was the OTHER Troy movie I watched this month! (I love Suzanne Pleshette TOO much, clearly. ;-D) I have no idea how he managed to marry her in real life. The reason the marriage only lasted for like 6 months was probably because he was boring in real life too. AHAHAHA!

Boring comment, NEVER! ;-D

Sarah! AWWW! Thanks! :-)

I KNOW. That's Jerry Van Dyke (Dick's younger brother) and he is such a creeper in this movie!

YES! YES! YES! I'll probably start sobbing just thinking about it! hehehe!

WHAT?! HECK YEAH! Split Pea Soup Blvd. Always.

Raquelle: No, I didn't. And I probably would have ADORED it with a different cast. The movie itself wasn't bad (unlike Where The Boys Are), it was just the cast. Troy Donahue can never redeem himself to me. Hahaha!

Kalli: I had to make it. ;-D

Audrey: YAY! I'm glad! It was really a crazy, fun, swingin' 60s movie...haha!


Deb: :-D You always leave the absolute nicest comments! Thank you!

HOMBRE. It made me so sad. I loved Frank Silvera! Haha!

Terry: Oh, absolutely. It's also kinda ridiculous to watch. BUT BRILLIANT. ;-D

Irish Leprechaun: AHAHAHA! I literally almost laughed out loud in class reading this comment!(errr, I mean, I wasn't on the internet in class...I mean...JUST FORGET I EVER SAID ANYTHING! ;-D)

Emm said...

Clearly, I need to see The Blob. My mum has been talking about it for years, and it sounds kind of hilarious. Plus, it's Steve McQueen -- and I could actually watch it! THIS IS A MIRACLE!

I mustache super creepy trailer/gifs created by The Millie.

My dear sis informed me that Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? was enjoyable. Guess who just lost all faith in her own kin? ;D

I recently decided that I need to watch more of those Francis the Talking Mule movies. EL FUGITIVO IS IN SEVERAL OF THEM!

Oh, and your post just makes me happy. I thought you should know.

Millie said...

Emm: Clearly you do! It's awesomely brilliant. And Steve is an adorably horrible actor in it! Haha

Maybe I'll make some more.... heh heh heh

Well, I suppose some would love it. DON'T LOSE ALL FAITH IN FAMILY YET! Haha! I just didn't like Katharine/Spencer. And their "daughter" was REALLY ANNOYING! Sidney was awesomely cool though!

AHAHAHAHA! Oh my gosh. I used to watch those all the time when I was little.

Awww! Your comment made me happy! :-)

Emm said...

Somehow I had this notion that you wrote a complete post on how horrible Palm Springs Weekend was, and I needed to come back and ask you why...but you didn't actually write a whole post about it. The creepy trailer gif was just so burned into my brain that I was delusional.

Yeah, because I actually watched that "film" a couple of days ago. AND TROY DONAHUE WAS CREEPY. But, I highly enjoyed EVERYTHING. (Ty Hardin improbably beating up Robert Conrad...this is one for film history.) And you know STEFANIE is one of my favorite people ever, but I COULD NOT accept her with the name Bunny. Or with Troy "Bland Creepiness-Personified" Donahue.


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