Friday, April 22, 2011

Posh Frock Friday! Also known as: THE UNVEILING OF THE MILLIE!

Just kidding. I lied. ;-D

I used my super-awesome mask that I created for a masquerade dance I went to last year. It is modeled after Audrey's in How To Steal a Million. Oh yes.

Although the mask is really unnecessary because even without it, no one would be able to recognize that I am a human form. Apparently, my SERIOUSLY junky webcam is even worse at 11:30 pm with no lighting! WHO KNEW?!

Anyway, PFF is an awesomely cool partyish thing that Kate started a few months ago. I've been meaning to do it for a while, but usually on Fridays I'm either gone or lying comatose in my bed watching movies all night (usually the latter). Not conducive for PFF.

So, here we are. Except it's not really a posh frock. It's an outfit I would/have worn to school. So yeah. BUT STILL.

Oh, yeah. And I had to take different shots to semi-capture the whole outfit. IT WAS AN EXHAUSTING PROCESS! ;-D

 ^My favorite blue sweater from Old Navy. MOST comfortable thing ever. And I wear it with everything, because clearly bright blue does not clash with any other color.

 ^I LOVE this dress. It's from my sister (an awesome reason to have older sisters...;-D) and it's so loverly!

^I wear black leggings with basically everything (Washington is not exactly warm. Ever.) AND MY BELOVED TOMS! I have a few pairs of TOMS, but these are my favorites. I got them six months after the company started and they are very worn and have some serious holes in them. BUT IT'S ALL COOL.

^I love this locket. I bought it at an estate sale and It's just very interesting and happy! (And I seriously need to figure out a photo to put inside! An old movie star? haha)

Okay, that was a glimpse at The Millie through a grainy, poorly constructed webcam. Next time I participate it will be MUCH better (or probably not -- considering my usual empty promises...;-D). But, thanks ever so Kate for the absolutely brilliant idea (and I ADORE looking at your outfits every week!)



kate gabrielle said...

AHHHHH!! :D I'm so so so so so so happy you're doing PFF! Seriously, you totally made my day! :D

I love your HTSAM mask!! And Old Navy = comfortable brightly colored awesomeness, no??

I love your locket!! Everyone is always finding so many amazing things at flea markets and estate sales, I need to try harder lol! I think the best thing I ever found was a 25 cent copy of Mildred Pierce..

Awesomeness, Millie. Awesomeness! :D

Millie said...

And I next time I do it, it will be much better! Haha! :-DD

Heck yeah. I'm basically certain that is the secret motto of the company. How could it not be?

THAT'S AWESOME! I love cool {aka cheap} finds! Buying first (or early edition) books that were made into movies is a hobby of mine!

Thanks ever so, Kate! You are loverly through and through!

Lobosco said...

Who is that masked beauty?!?!

Great pics!

Niamhy said...


This is such a groundbreaking moment...I think I'm going to cry... ;-P

Anonymous said...

AHHH, I thought The Millie was going to hide behind the mask of anonymity forever! Well, technically, you ARE still hiding behind a mask, but whatever. It's a cute mask, so I'll forgive you.

I love the lacy wunderbarness of your dress. So pretty!

Meredith said...

love the detail on the bottom of your dress! so pretty. like that you retain your air of mystery. ;)


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