Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quotables: The Fugitive

Kimble: Are you so God-like, because you couldn’t find a one-armed man, you don’t believe he exists?
Gerard: I’ve done everything humanly possible to find him!
Kimble: I think you have. I wonder why.
Gerard: It’s my job.
Kimble: It’s also a curse, isn’t it, Gerard? I think you have nightmares, too. Your nightmare is, after I’m dead you’ll find him.


Anonymous said...

THIS is why I need to get back to watching El Fugitivo. But to be honest, I rather hate watching episodes with Lt. Gerard because he's so creepy!

Millie said...

Lt. Gerard is awesome.

Barry Morse was rather genius in his portrayal of him. I want to hate him...BECAUSE HE WANTS TO TAKE DR. RICHARD KIMBLE TO THE ELECTRIC CHAIR...but he's also for justice above all. So interesting. haha

BTW, Morse once said that he was in a restaurant during the run of the show and a waiter passed him a note telling him that Kimble was in the kitchen. AHAHAHAHHAHA

Anonymous said...

Yeeees, I understand that though he's the enemy, he's technically not a 'bad' person, but I just can't stand him. HE'S SUCH A CREEPER SOMEHOW.


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