Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 in Film: April

I'm going to try to NOT dwell on the patheticness of this month's movie viewing, because it was extremely pathetic. 

NINE MOVIES TOTAL. Nine movies. It would have been only five films, but on the day before the last day of the month I had some friends over for the night and we watched a few movies. That last day nearly doubled the total. THAT'S SAD.

I would blame my lack of movie watching on school, but in March I had finals and I watched a record number of films (for this year), sooooo...

Actually, the honest and truthful reason I only watched nine films in April:

It's completely and utterly 100% Sarah's fault! She bloody informed me that the new Doctor Who was on Netflix streaming and I had been meaning to check it out for a while, so I went to watch the first episode of the second season (I was REALLY only interested in the Tenth Doctor. ;-D).

I basically didn't stop watching it until I was half-way through the fourth season and suddenly freaked out because I realized I only had a few Tenth Doctor episodes left.... I'm slowing viewing those.... putting off the horrible day....

Anyway. BLAME SARAH. She did this to me. ;-D

3 new films / 9 total

My Favorite New Film: 

The Bat. It wins by default (as in I only watched two other new films and they both annoyed me). ALSO: IT HAS VINCENT PRICE. That's always cool.

My Least Favorite New Film: 

Duel in the Sun. Everyone was evil. Everyone died. Gregory Peck's death scene was a pretty stinkin' awesome though.

Best Movie Title:

I'm gonna go with a re-watch, just because there's not a lot to choose from otherwise: The Quiet American. It's just a loverly mysterious title. (SOME may consider it a bit of a paradox, but it's all cool! ;-D) It fits the film very well: an EXTREMELY interesting story (and I LOVE Michael Redgrave's brilliance) about Vietnam, made BEFORE the Vietnam War "officially" started.

And this quote from the unnamed American-- I always find it so perfectly thought-provoking (and TRUE):

I'm from a country that's been in existence for less than two hundred years, in a very old world. Fifty years ago, we were barely taken seriously as a nation, much less a great force for wisdom and decision. But suddenly now, a watch tick of history later, the world waits angrily for us to provide the answers it hasn't been able to find in fifty centuries.

Best Cast: 

Once again, I'm going to go with a re-watch: The Third Man. Everything about this movie is so PERFECTLY PERFECT! The cast is utter brilliance!

Worst Cast:

I don't have anything this month. Even the two movies I disliked-- had pretty awesome casts!

Best Title Song: 


Most Viewed Actors:

Joseph Cotten: 2
Michael Redgrave: 2
Orson Welles: 2 (Only his voice is heard in Duel in the Sun)

Films By Decades:
1930s: 1
1940s: 2
1950s: 2
1960s: 2
2000s: 2

MAY WILL BE BETTER, I PROMISE (or not really, but yeah!)!



Niamhy said...

Loving the mutual Tenth Doctor love. But you really do need to see Matt Smith. HE'S WONDERFUL! O_O

NoirGirl said...

Really adore this series! What a great idea to keep track of monthly viewings.

My movie viewings have been way down recently, too. I blame it on moving and then acquiring this incredible RTV! ;D

kate gabrielle said...

ugh my movie viewings are even worse than this (and, I'm soooo ashamed to say, most of them were made after 1970. AGHHH what is wrong with me?!?!)

Anyway though I promise I'll watch Doctor Who soon so I know what you and Sarah are talking about! :D

Meredith said...

wait WHAT? I've actually seen a beach movie recommended by the millie? seriously feeling cool by association right now.

And I love love love Dr. Who. the same thing happened to me last summer so I feel your pain. And by pain I mean delight because they are so much fun. Donna Noble and David Tennant's Doctor forever.

Millie said...

Irish Leprechaun: Yes, yes, yes...I'll get around to that eventually! JUST LET ME HAVE MY MOMENT OF SORROW! ;-D

Casey: Thanks Auntie! ;-D

Yeah. You have a much more valid reason for limited film watching. AND RTV IS BLOODY AWESOME! Alias Smith and Jones on Saturdays and Sundays!

Kate: Haahahhaha! Well, if you notice, I watched a few post-2000 movies this month (and a few is a lot when you're only talking about 9 movies! Hahaha)

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! You'll love it so much!

Meredith: Pajama Party?! HECK YEAH! It's not one of my utter favorites 'cause it doesn't have Frankie! (well not very much of him...haha) To be an official Beach Party selection it has to have Frankie and Annette interacting for at least, hmmm, 7 minutes. ;-DDD

But, I DO love it! And it has all the rest of the group and it has Tommy Kirk, who is always awesome. AND THE SONGS! Gahhh! I love them. haha

I love Rose too, BUT YES. THE DOCTOR + DONNA FOREVER! I love her so much.

rosieposie said...

just come across your blog - i am such a film fanatic too!


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