Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy 70th Birthday, Eric Burdon!

Eric Burdon turns 70 today (well, more like in a few hours. But hey! I'm a college-going girl and apparently need sleep to function well. WHO KNEW?!).

When one starts talking about people who are simply and basically just COOL, one ALWAYS must mention Eric Burdon (it's an established law of the universe and any digression from this established law has serious consequences in the cosmos! People think that Mark Twain's birth and death taking place during Halley's Comet were mere coincidence. NOT TRUE. He refused to admit Eric Burdon's coolness. THIS IS WHY. By the way, I hope you stopped reading this parenthetical section some time ago).

Anyway, Eric Burdon is seriously talented and awesome and cool. The Animals contain so much complete brilliance-- it's almost scary.

The best part about Eric Burdon is that he never is or does what you'd expect. He's always 67 times more genius.

It always greatly amuses me to show this video to someone who has often heard the song, but never seen the singer: the man my mother refers to as "The Munchkin." It nevers fails to shock people. Here is this gravelly, "old" voice coming out of a short, little 23 year-old wearing a neat, little suit. I just LOVE IT!

My ABSOLUTE favorite of all Animals songs. I could listen to it OVER AND OVER and never be bored:

^The Animals-- in, I think, 1967.

Ugh. I wish embedding was not disabled on this video! But, you can still follow the link to YouTube! It's such utter awesomeness. It's a live performance. AND I WOULD TOTALLY, TOTALLY be one of the scary screaming girls. Always. ;-D

^James Dean AND Eric Burdon. Cannot comprehend the sheer coolness.

Well, that's about all I have to say, except that if you are not already an Eric Burdon fan-- you should become one. His voice is one of the most jarringly perfect things ever. EVER.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Burdon!



Clara said...

I didn't know this band! I mean, I know both songs, I heard and love "Don't let me be misunderstood" thanks to Quentin Tarantino in Kill Bill :) Very cool, thanks for sharing!

Millie said...

I am SO excited to introduce you to The Animals! They are quite cool! A lot of their music is on YouTube, you should definitely check them out! :-DDDD

I've never seen Kill Bill, but so many of my favorite songs are on the soundtrack! Haha! Like Nancy Sinatra's "Bang, Bang"

Eleonora said...

Even if i'm a "bit" late..this is a great post!! :)
..i looove the animals, and most of all Eric, of course!:)..and i would absolutely be part of the "scary screaming girls" with you!!!;D
btw, i've never seen the pic with james dean,and i find it amazing!:)thanx for sharing! :)
have a nice day!


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