Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2011 in Film: May

You know what they say: "Better almost never, than actually never."

And with that GLORIOUS opening sentence, I am going to move right into the month in review.

May was a pretty cool month. I had a rather late start (I had only watched three films before the 19th), but eventually ended with a not really respectable 15 (June WILL be better. ;-D). And I can't really blame Doctor Who this time, because I have watched very little (I'M AVOIDING THE END OF TEN BECAUSE I WILL THEN HAVE NOTHING TO LIVE FOR).

May:  7 new films/16 total

My Favorite New Film:

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. This movie is perfection and genius and, oddly enough, also Millieness personified. Can I just take this moment to recommend it to everyone -- everywhere.

My Least Favorite New Film:

This was a pretty awesome month with no 1 or 2 starred reviews, so I'm gonna have to go with the three starred Endless Night. Hayley was utterly perfect and Agatha Christie GETS ME EVERY BLOODY TIME, but I cannot handle watching Hywel Bennett. As I mentioned on the 2011 in Film page (where you will always find a short one or two sentence review for every new-to-me film), his late '90s power-mom hairstyle was really creeping me out. ;-D 

Unfortunately, this photo doesn't give it NEARLY full justice:

Best Movie Title:

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. There was no contest.

Best Cast:

Love is a Ball: Charles Boyer, Glenn Ford, Hope Lange, Ricard Montalban...(any film with Charles Boyer will always win Best Cast).

Worst Cast: 

Hmmm, there wasn't really a bad cast. But, I will take this moment to once again condemn Hywel Bennett and his haircut. ;-D

Best Title Song:

Goodbye Charlie. It's such a lovely, cheerful song about the main character's violent death.

Runner up: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (which I may or may not have gone to the midnight premiere of, because I'm a dork). THE PIRATE'S MUSIC ALWAYS WINS.

Most Horribly, Depressing Ending:

Edward Scissorhands. WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! I mean, I understand why. BUT WHHHHYYYY?! Was this just so I would cry thousands of tears? ;-D

Most Viewed Actors:
Bob Hope: 3
Vincent Price: 2
Michael Callan 2
Johnny Depp: 2

Films by Decades:
1900s: 1 / 0 new
1930s: 2 / 0 new
1940s: 2 / 0 new
1950s: 2 / 2 new
1960s: 6 / 2 new
1970s: 1 / 1 new
1990s: 1 / 1 new
2010s: 1 / 1 new

Well, I'll see you in July! Hopefully, with more films than this pitiful amount! ;-D


LucieWickfield said...

Ha! Glad to see that Bob Hope topped the list! :)

kate gabrielle said...

hahahahahahaha OH MY GOSH his hair!!!! WOW. haha!!! Especially in the second photo.. the first one didn't capture the brushed-out featheryness enough. haha seriously WOW..

Hey btw me & casey went halfers on getting a new Hayley movie that we haven't seen before from 1967 ALSO WITH TREVOR HOWARD (ahh) and we're going to nf-flix copies to everyone to watch for a chat! :D Hopefully it will be much better than this Hayley film (although with Trevor Howard--who has never been known to sport 90's power-mom hair-- instead of Hywel Bennett it already scores some major points in my book! ;-D)

Oh and Edward Scissorhands is fantastic, isn't it?! I love the candy colored town..

Ben said...

I was disappointed that nothing related to a 50 ft woman happened in about half the movie. I was waiting for it, but I guess they had to really set up what she's getting revenge for.

I think in May I also watched McLintock! I'm not a huge fan of John Wayne but it was really funny. Maureen O'Hara was great.

I saw The Fastest Gun Alive with Glenn Ford. I loved it. A good psychological western.

I think I filled out the rest with tons of Twilight Zone, Dick Van Dyke, and such.

I don't remember what else...May was like...weeeeeeeks ago...

grezilda said...

Oh, Hywel Bennett is so adorable!! I have no problem with his hair...

Millie said...

Lucie: It WAS his birthday. haha

Kate: He was a like Farrah with shorter more 90sish hair. AHAHAHAHA.

OH MY GOSH. YES. YES. YES. Thank you so much. I cannot wait. Let's all PRAY that Mr. Trevor is not sporting 90s power-mom hair. My mind would need to be bleached if that occurred. ;-DD

I know! I love all the colors. And I adore the haircuts. haha

Ben: Yeah. That's true. Her rampage was quite short-lived (and disappointingly did not involve the freeway...haha).

I really need to check that out. It keeps getting recommended to me on Netflix!

I'll have to check that out too. Inexplicably, I can't help but like Glenn Ford. haha

Two of my absolute favorite shows EVER.

I know. I'm late. ;-D

Grezilda: I'm glad someone can appreciate it. ;-D

Ben said...

Do you also watch Dick Van Dyke in the hopes that Sally will finally get a guy?

I know it probably won't happen or else they'll lose the joke, but I still keep hoping!


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