Friday, June 24, 2011

Photo of the Day!

This is a still from Better A Widow (1968). The other day I discovered that the third star of this film is Gabriele Ferzetti. Kate and I's search for the film has been updated from absolutely necessary to LIFE-OR-DEATH URGENT. We need to see this glorious Peter McEnery film. We will do anything, steal anything, kill anybody -- to get our hands on it.

So yeah. Let one of us know if you've got a copy lying around.




Anonymous said...

What's utterly terrifying about this is that I knew we were talking Peter McEnery when I could only see the very top of his head because I hadn't scrolled down far enough yet.

Sadly, I do not have a copy lying about, or I WOULD find a way to present it to you in all of it's probable glory.

And if you can't get that episode of I Spy somehow, I'll rip it from DVDs and post it to YT. YOU NEED TO SEE IT. It's a delightful, amazing caper.

kate gabrielle said...

UGHHHH. We NEED to see this NOW. It must be out there somewhere, and we will find it!!!!


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