Sunday, July 17, 2011

THE Eyebrow-Raisers...TOGETHER.

I was just watching The Saint on RTV. It was an episode I had never seen before. There was a slightly minor character of a secretary (minor, because she doesn't quite make it through the entire episode. ;-D). It was all cool. AND THEN I REALIZED. It was Eunice Gayson.

Eunice Gayson is basically the queen of eyebrow-raising. And here she was, with the king of eyebrow-raising. I basically could not handle the awesomeness.

Most people probably remember Eunice Gayson as Sylvia Trench, the woman who prompted James Bond to utter his first "Bond, James Bond" on screen (in Dr. No). She also showed up in From Russia With Love and she SHOULD have come back again and again -- 'cause she's stinkin' cool!


Anyway. This post serves no purpose (I really need to start get back to writing purposeful posts here). 

But, really. For the brief moments that Simon Templar and Eunice Gayson were raising their eyebrows together, it was like watching Fred + Ginger dance or Frankie + Annette fake surf against a screen -- PURE AWESOME.

Yeah, I don't even know what I'm saying anymore.

I was GOING to post the video of Eunice as Sylvia, but EVERY SINGLE VIDEO HAS EMBEDDING DISABLED. Even the Italian dubbed version (Connery dubbed in Italian is more than slightly hilarious) disabled embedding. SHEESH. Well, if you want to see the scene, follow this link.


And apparently, she was in a color Saint episode which I somehow have never watched (HOW?!). I need to go watch it now.


Mercurie said...

As a kid I thought Eunice Grayson was so gorgeous (actually, I still do). I seem to recall Sylvia was supposed to be Bond's girl friend in London. I'm guessing by Goldfinger she found out just what Bond does on those missions besides kill people... Anyway, it's so cool she got to appear opposite Simon Templar (who's cooler than Bond anyway)!

Irene Palfy said...

aahh... Eyebrow raising - one of my most favourite topics.. just love it.

Very nice post indeed, Millie!

I like your blog very much, you know? ;")

Have a great week!

Audrey said...

Hooray for eye-browing raising awesomeness!!!!! ':] <-- that's supposed to be an eyebrow-raising face.

Completely unrelated, but I really love Eunice's dress and hair in that James Bond scene. So pretty! I wish I had both.


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