Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence!

Every Fourth of July, besides drinking lots of pink lemonade and buying WAAAAY too many fireworks (personally, I only go for the smoke bombs -- it's my brothers who buy all the scary explosives ;-D), it is absolutely necessary to watch Fred Astaire dancing with firecrackers (embedding was disabled. SHEESH).

What are your favorite Fourth of July traditions?

-Millie, who is NOT going to get any of her limbs blown off this year...


Mercurie said...

My fav 4th of July traditions are eating watermelon, setting off fireworks, and watching Yellow Submarine.

Anonymous said...

Working. That's my 4th of July tradition from now on. Actually, I had some weird and brilliant times with my coworkers when we had nothing to do. Still wasn't as cool as listening to a couple of folk singers doing Peter Paul and Mary music like I did last year though.

Niamhy said...

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY FROM IRELAND! Hope you have (or had) a great day! traditions...well, nothing. Hehehe. ;-P


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