Monday, July 11, 2011

Lovely Lady of the Week: Patti McGee

My family is a bit of boarding family. My younger brothers long-board. My 19 year-old brother is a super-amazing skateboarder who has toured around the country many times since he was 15 (he has visited almost every single state doing demos with his team). My 22 year-old brother is also an excellent skater. He has his own board company, used to own a skate shop, and now works for Zumiez.

I do not board, as I have no balance at all. I'm always afraid that when I'm driving I'll get stopped by the Police and made to walk a straight line and they'll think I'm drunk -- EVEN THOUGH I'M NOT. It's quite the problem. ;-D

Anyway, this long introductory section was merely to say that I have been saturated in skating since I was quite young -- and that Patti McGee is seriously awesome.

Patti McGee was the first pro female skater, the first to win the national female championships, and the first female inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame. She's just cool.

I would say that she was basically just Gidget as a skateboarder, but Patti was a brilliant surfer YEARS before she even started skating. aka SHE IS A NEW AND IMPROVED GIDGET. (I'm just gonna stop here before I talk about her scary skiing skills. Suffice to say, she is an accomplished athelete -- at everything. I mean, she is probably the world champion pogo-stick jumper. ;-D)

Check out Patti doing a few tricks on TV in 1965:

Also, Patti being waaay too cool in a commercial for The Southern New England Telephone Company:

And now, the top image again (because I love it so much) from its original source: Patti as the first female cover of Skateboarder Magazine.

This is just a little bit of the awesome, talented, genius, and utterly adorable Patti McGee. And at the age of nearly 66, she still loves to skateboard. I LOVE HER.



Anonymous said...

Wow! I've never heard of Pat McGee, but I have to agree...she seems totally cool! I can't wait to show this to my son.
Lita Buff

Millie said...

I'm glad I got to introduce you to her! She's awesome! :-D


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