Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Twenty-Five Minutes of The Stanwyck Being Awesome and Wearing Pants and Taking Down ALL the Bad Guys!

My dear friend, Emm (also a co-blogger at  Stupendously Amazingly Cool World of Old TV), sent me a link to this episode of Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater on Twitter this morning -- and I IMMEDIATELY had to go watch it!

IT WAS BRILLIANT. The Stanwyck is so perfect -- sometimes I can't even HANDLE IT!

In this episode, titled "Trail to Nowhere," she plays a female out for the killer of her husband. But, really, the plot is unimportant. What is important is that The Stanwyck single-handedly takes down every single bad guy. LITERALLY. She gets in fist-fights, gun-fights, mud-fights -- and she always wins.

Oh, and did I also mention that her co-star is DAVID JANSSEN + HIS "TWITCHY, LITTLE SMIRK." I CAN'T EVEN.

I was unprepared for this much coolness. I do believe it is the first time Dick Powell was involved in the creation of something awesome in his entire life. ;-D

^I need a bigger copy of this photo. It's The Stanwyck and Dr. Richard Kimble relaxing on the set together! :-O

Anyway, the episode was quite brilliant. And I can't imagine any other '50s actress realistically playing such a kick-awesome female. And of course, she was 51 when it was made. She looks like she was 30. I mean, they had 27 year-old David Janssen in love with her -- and it didn't seem odd at all. The Stanwyck doesn't ever fit into any genre or category, either as an actress or person. That's why she was such a stupendously amazingly cool genius.

Millie just loves The Stanwyck.

Watch "Trail to Nowhere":


{Image credits: The David Janssen Archive}


Meredith said...

all hail the stanwyck! bookmarking this post, putting a giant ring around this post because I must come back and watch the actual episode. and boy am I excited.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, and YESSSSSS!!! Zane Grey theater is normally really odd and horrible, but I occasionally watch it because of cool stars. IT WAS COMPLETELY BY ACCIDENT THAT I FOUND THIS!

I kept wanting to believe that Dr. Kimble was innocent. But it was hard. Especially because of how he looked at The Stanwyck.

And I want Barbara Stanwyck's jeans. They're too, too wonderful.

Millie said...

Meredith: HECK YEAH!

Emm: I try to stay away from ANYTHING with Dick Powell's name attached, but NOW I NEED TO SEE THE OTHER EP THAT THE STANWYCK AND DAVID DID TOGETHER!

You always find the best obscure links!

Darn David! He now has us convinced of his innocence at all times! ;-D

Purrrrfect! (Clearly, I need to stop watching Batman. ;-D)

Anonymous said...

I haven't even really seen Dick Powell anything...but his name alone scares me off most of the time.

It's all a matter of subscribing to the right YouTube channels!

This is true. Tell me once that he's an innocent victim of blind justice AND I BELIEVE IT FOREVER.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of seeing the video of Trail to Nowhere from Zane Grey Theater? I clicked on your YT link but the video had been taken down. Thanks.

Millie said...

Anon: I'm sorry. I didn't post that on YT. And it looks like there aren't any other links on YT. If I ever find a new link, I'll be sure and post it back here though!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Millie! My love for DJ and The Fugitive has reentered my life in my later years. I was a young child during his early career and just recently have been finding out that I missed a lot that he did in addition to The Fugitive. I've been searching for and watching clips and shows on YT, Netflix, Blockbuster, and the Internet constantly. I am buying what I can on Amazon and eBay. I play episodes of The Fugitive and other things he did on my iPad and laptop all day long. He was such a brilliant actor and so gorgeous! Love him! BTW, just saw the pic from Ring of Fire. Any idea of how to get a copy or see it? Thanks.

Millie said...

It's so lovely to meet another fan! He really was such a brilliant actor and so under-appreciated. Today, outside of Fugitive fans, he doesn't seem to be known at all. It's quite terrible. I've been trying to change that as best I can! haha


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