Monday, August 29, 2011


August 29, 1915 - August 29, 1982

I'm sorry, but I really don't have the words to describe my undying adoration for this woman. 

She is the greatest, most beautiful, most brilliant, most perfect, most Wowzie Kazam actress to ever exist.

I could literally listen to her reading a phonebook all-day long. 

I would drop everything to go and watch her in a toothpaste commercial.

And when it comes to her actual, factual roles -- there isn't a single non-brilliant or uninteresting performance. 

Everyone who ever knew her completely adored her.

I wish I knew her in real life, but I'm ever so happy to know her in film life. She never fails to be wonderfully Ingy.

Happy Birthday, you Swedish goddess! ;-D


Friday, August 26, 2011

No, of course I don't watch movies just because an obscure actor I like is in it for three minutes. WHY WOULD I DO THAT?!

Okay. I'm sorry. I can't help it. When you're madly in love with various actors that APPARENTLY NO ONE ELSE APPRECIATES, very often you find yourself watching low-budget, over-the-top '60s movies to catch a glimpse of unheralded genius.

Looking back at just this month, I noticed quite a few of these instances:

Sherry Jackson  

The Monitors -- which I slightly fell asleep in, but am totally still gonna finish.

Peter Brown

I totally watched Kitten With a Whip for him. Not gonna lie -- it was an awesome movie. LOOK AT HIS HAT. He played a punk gangster teenager who majored in philosophy and minored in political science. As he was beating people up, he often said things like: "Cool it, creep and co-exist!"

Gardner McKay

Okay, I actually may have told Casey (who lent it to me) that I wanted The Pleasure Seekers for Gene Tierney (and I totally did and her one scene was stinkin AWESOME), but I really just wanted it for Gardner McKay. The fact that Carol Lynley was in love with BRIAN KEITH instead of Gardner....was rather confusing. In fact, I sent a text to Kate at 3:08 AM that read, and I quote, "Ewwww. This girl is in love with Brian Keith instead of Gardner. Let me repeat that: BRIAN KEITH. O_O"

You know what's even more odd? Kate actually responded. I'm always sending Kate nonsensical movie texts at all hours -- AND SHE RESPONDS!

Brett Halsey.

This is what I watched last night. Girl In Lover's Lane. Clearly the worst film ever made. Clearly awesome.

Martin Milner  

MARJORIE MORNINGSTAR. After I watched the movie, I did my customary IMDb checks. And I realized that apparently it's a sad ending (that every female who has ever viewed it has cried profusely during) because Gene Kelly and Natalie Wood's characters were a part of some epic love story or something. I didn't even realize it. All I saw were Martin Milner and his awesome glasses.

And we're not even gonna TALK about the weird movies I watch for Hayley Mills. Like The Sinking Aunt.

There are actually dozens of other random, obscure actors I will watch anything for (Bradford Dillman, I'm looking at you!); these were just a few examples from the past month.

And, of course, dozens of well-known actors too (I am nothing, if not always an obsessive fan). But, I always find it the MOST fun to carefully track down awesome, obscure actors' films (search YouTube, Netflix, random Russian sites, and then when I find nothing -- go ask Kate or Casey if they have it! ;-D). You watch these (often horribly WOWZIE KAZAM) movies, and you realize, you're probably only the 38th person to ever actually view this. That's an awesome feeling. You're no longer an idiot for watching junky '60s movies that were made for less than $50 -- YOU'RE A HERO. You're persevering through junky '60s movies that were made for less than $50, so that no one forgets Michael Callan's comedic genius.

This is the ultimate goal of students of Mind-Smushing Entertainment: to find genius in fifth-rate Beach Party knock-offs.

I have nothing more to say. I leave you with this:

{Yes, I once watched an episode of Twilight Zone (which is actually high-quality, ESPECIALLY compared to the rest of the stuff here) for the sole reason of seeing Sue Randall wearing awesome glasses.

That's a valid reason.}


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One of my favorite scenes EVER!

What could possibly be more perfect?!

{Well, actually it would be even more perfect if it had James Garner, as he was in it originally. I'm so tired of all the legal fighting over the character of Maverick. Not only will they NOT let me own all of coolness on DVD, THEY WON'T EVEN LET ME WATCH A MAVERICK CAMEO IN A BOB HOPE MOVIE. So unfair.}

But, yeah. This scene is pure perfection. I remember the first time I saw it (I was probably 7 or 8). I couldn't even handle it. All those glorious characters -- and in technicolor!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Photo of the Day!

Happy one-day-late Birthday, Honor Blackman!

I cannot even understand how she is 86 now. She never ages.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Pretend she's reading a college book.

So, my super-awesome, seriously gorgeous, and incredibly cool friend Sarah (of the wicker bar) is starting college today!

She left New York and headed to Ohio a few days ago and I got all sad and depressed that 'I was LOSING HER!" -- when I finally remembered that I haven't technically even met her in "real life" and that techinally she has actually moved CLOSER to me.

It takes me a while, okay. ;-D

It seems like just yesterday that I was just typing away that I wanted to be half as cool as Sarah "when *I* was 14!" :')

(It hasn't happened yet. I'm still not half as cool as Sarah was when she was 14.)

But, anyway. I just really wanted to wish Sarah a spectacularly awesome first day of school! You're going to be brilliant, my dear!


Gardner McKay and his awesome dog, Pussycat.

I was just thinking about it. On most people's blogs, a post with the single purpose of displaying photos of an (unfairly) obscure '60s actor and his dog would be tagged with "off-topic" or "random."

Not here.

On-topic doesn't exist.


Anyway, here's Gardner McKay and his awesome dog, Pussycat.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hitchcock's Birthday Bash: The Millie's 10 Favorite Hitchcock Villains

Last year, I did as list of my favorite Hitchcock heroes. That was all well and good. But Hitchcock villains are ALWAYS 50 times more awesome than any "heroes" (unless said heroes have mustaches and British accents).

Hitchcock villains are awesome and cool and genius and evil. They're perfect.

Obviously, a list of villains is a bit spoilerish, so if you WANT to know the movies included in this list and not be spoiled or whatever (the list is spoiled of course then. But, yeah. I CAN'T STOP ALL SPOILERS! ;-D) here are the films in order: Jamaica Inn, North By Northwest, Stage Fright, The Birds, Trouble With Harry, Psycho, Rebecca, Strangers on a Train, Dial M For Murder, Shadow of a Doubt.

If you're all cool, then you may now continue...

10} Jamaica Inn ~ Sir Humphrey Pengallan

So deliciously evil. His face looks positively plastic the entire time and he's so creepy and also sorta nice to some people. Charles Laughton is a genius.

9} North By Northwest ~ Phillip Vandamm

It's James Mason and his sinisterly awesome voice (mentioned in Rope eleven years before actually). Phillip is utterly charming and utterly evil. Nothing could be more perfect.

8} Stage Fright ~ Jonathan Cooper

Richard Todd makes you think he's innocent and then he slowly makes you realize he's crazy and then you finally realize that he's a psycho. A brilliant villain. Much is made of the false flashback, but if us viewers were paying ANY attention to the film, we would have realized that this guy lies all the time AND -- more importantly -- has crazy eyes.

7} The Birds ~ Melanie Daniels

Melanie is one of the MORE evil villains on this list. What started out to be a charming film about an awesome school teacher and a local boy falling in love and having a perfect life, turned drastically different when Melanie showed up (with her trained birds in tow). Although I can forgive almost all the villains on this list (because they're stinkin' awesome), I can never forgive her.

6} Trouble With Harry ~ Harry

Harry, why do you have to be SUCH a troublemaker?! Your socks are awesome by the way (wish I could say the same for your mustache -- definitely not Michael Redgrave worthy).

5} Psycho ~ Norman Bates

Norman, *I* understand that you are really more of a misunderstood anti-hero. But, for the sake of popular opinion, I gotta put you on this list. Don't worry. *I* understand that you would NEVER hurt a fly!

4} Rebecca ~ Mrs. Danvers

Mrs. Danvers, you are a legit psychopath. Also awesome.

3} Strangers on a Train ~ Bruno Antony

Ugh. Now, you Mr. Antony, YOU SIR, ARE PERFECT. I really do love Guy Haines (FARLEY!), but I was rooting for you and that lighter all the way. Fair is fair and verbal contracts are legal in many parts of the country. Instead of the revenge, you really should have just got a good lawyer, taken Guy to court, and SUED HIM FOR EVERYTHING HE HAD!

2} Dial M For Murder ~ Tony Wendice

I love you, Mr. Wendice. You had a killer Welsh accent (heh heh). I adore Grace Kelly more than almost anything, BUT I WAS ON YOUR SIDE. I'm on the side of anyone not on the side of Robert Cummings. And you were so charming and charismatic and awesome. You really should have succeeded.

1} Shadow of a Doubt ~ Uncle Charlie

Uncle Charlie. I have no words to describe your perfection. Just know that I'm with you 100%. AND YOU HAVE THE MOST AWESOME CIGAR SMOKING SKILLS EVER. And I don't even know what else to say. You're cool.

So, here's my not-at-all-creepy list of revered Hitchcock villains. Who are your favorites?


Saturday, August 13, 2011

The 3rd Annual Hitchcock Birthday Bash!

Well, I'm home (as of very early yesterday morning)! Had a crazy/awesome trip and I SHALL be blogging about it in the future!

Right now, I need to get the Alfred Hitchcock 112th birthday party GOING! This is the 3rd year of having a blogging birthday for him (and coming up next week is the 5th year of having a real-life party for him).

Clearly, I love Sir Alfred. One wouldn't try to make chocolate chip cookies in the shape of his face unsuccessfully every year on his birthday if one didn't UTTERLY ADORE HIM.

I have written extensively about his awesomeness (he's actually the most tagged person on the blog) and I don't really know what else to say.

So, here's a photo of Sir Alfred floating around and being cooler than everyone else:

As far as I'm concerned, Sir Alfred never did anything wrong in his entire life. Some might say that his four-film association with a certain actor was a slight misstep. (I'm not gonna mention any names. Let's just say James S. NO, NO. How about J Stewart.) But, so great is Mr. Hitchcock's complete genius, I am willing to overlook The Man Who Snooze Too Much and concentrate instead on the fact that I once almost had a heart attack trying to choose 20 favorite Hitchcock films BECAUSE EVERY SINGLE ONE IS PERFECTION. 

Shadow of a Doubt will always remain my favorite (and has been since I was nine years old), but every other film is tied for second. I was looking at my 2011 in Film tab the other day and noticed that I've watched The Lady Vanishes like five times already this year. Those five viewings are added to the 976 times I've already seen it. But, you know what? I still enjoy the heck out of it. (I also enjoy the heck out of Michael Redgrave's super-awesome mustache.)

Sir Alfred was so talented that he was able to create extraordinarily diverse films. His work is considered on the highest level of film genius and there are entire college courses devoted to studying them frame by frame. But, I can also sit back and watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith or The Trouble With Harry and literally laugh out loud while sitting alone in my room (that wasn't supposed to sound pathetic. ;-D) I can also sit back with friends and watch those auteur films and eat pretzels and drink Dr. Pepper and be thoroughly entertained.

Somehow, Sir Alfred found a way to create art that film professors teach classes on and twelve year-old girls invite friends over for a sleepover to watch for fun.

It's craziness.

Who was this jolly genius from England with a strange fear of the color yellow, who also took absolute delight in "playing the audience like a piano," and was called an "adorable genius" BY INGRID AWESOME BERGMAN?!

I really don't know.

In the mean time, I'm going back to trying to make chocolate chip cookies in the shape of his profile and deciding which films I'm going to watch for the birthday bash this year!


So, I would absolutely ADORRRRRRRRE guest posts about anything even remotely related to Sir Alfred! Anything you've got (post, photos, videos, whatever) that you'd like to share -- just send it to classicforeverblogger [at] yahoo [dot] com! Since I was gone during the beginning of August, I'm hoping to keep this party going for the rest of the month! So, you can send it at any time! Thanks ever so! :-D


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