Saturday, August 13, 2011

The 3rd Annual Hitchcock Birthday Bash!

Well, I'm home (as of very early yesterday morning)! Had a crazy/awesome trip and I SHALL be blogging about it in the future!

Right now, I need to get the Alfred Hitchcock 112th birthday party GOING! This is the 3rd year of having a blogging birthday for him (and coming up next week is the 5th year of having a real-life party for him).

Clearly, I love Sir Alfred. One wouldn't try to make chocolate chip cookies in the shape of his face unsuccessfully every year on his birthday if one didn't UTTERLY ADORE HIM.

I have written extensively about his awesomeness (he's actually the most tagged person on the blog) and I don't really know what else to say.

So, here's a photo of Sir Alfred floating around and being cooler than everyone else:

As far as I'm concerned, Sir Alfred never did anything wrong in his entire life. Some might say that his four-film association with a certain actor was a slight misstep. (I'm not gonna mention any names. Let's just say James S. NO, NO. How about J Stewart.) But, so great is Mr. Hitchcock's complete genius, I am willing to overlook The Man Who Snooze Too Much and concentrate instead on the fact that I once almost had a heart attack trying to choose 20 favorite Hitchcock films BECAUSE EVERY SINGLE ONE IS PERFECTION. 

Shadow of a Doubt will always remain my favorite (and has been since I was nine years old), but every other film is tied for second. I was looking at my 2011 in Film tab the other day and noticed that I've watched The Lady Vanishes like five times already this year. Those five viewings are added to the 976 times I've already seen it. But, you know what? I still enjoy the heck out of it. (I also enjoy the heck out of Michael Redgrave's super-awesome mustache.)

Sir Alfred was so talented that he was able to create extraordinarily diverse films. His work is considered on the highest level of film genius and there are entire college courses devoted to studying them frame by frame. But, I can also sit back and watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith or The Trouble With Harry and literally laugh out loud while sitting alone in my room (that wasn't supposed to sound pathetic. ;-D) I can also sit back with friends and watch those auteur films and eat pretzels and drink Dr. Pepper and be thoroughly entertained.

Somehow, Sir Alfred found a way to create art that film professors teach classes on and twelve year-old girls invite friends over for a sleepover to watch for fun.

It's craziness.

Who was this jolly genius from England with a strange fear of the color yellow, who also took absolute delight in "playing the audience like a piano," and was called an "adorable genius" BY INGRID AWESOME BERGMAN?!

I really don't know.

In the mean time, I'm going back to trying to make chocolate chip cookies in the shape of his profile and deciding which films I'm going to watch for the birthday bash this year!


So, I would absolutely ADORRRRRRRRE guest posts about anything even remotely related to Sir Alfred! Anything you've got (post, photos, videos, whatever) that you'd like to share -- just send it to classicforeverblogger [at] yahoo [dot] com! Since I was gone during the beginning of August, I'm hoping to keep this party going for the rest of the month! So, you can send it at any time! Thanks ever so! :-D


PuppyLovePrincess said...

best. photos. EVER...!

Anonymous said...

So, still not you like Hitch or not? :-) Wonderfully enthusiastic notes and comments on the master! Love him as well. Though I'm afraid I can't bake cookies - even for him. For me REAR WINDOW would be number one and most else ried for second place. Pure genius with special gift for manipulating audiences. I never tire of watching his films but have nothing to add that a fan like you wouldn't already know.

One of the favorite stories I heard was of Hitch giving a very young Melanie Griffiths a birthday present while she was on set with Tippi Hedren during THE BIRDS. The gift was a small coffin with 'Melanie', Tippi's character in the movie, lying dead in it. pretty great to me!

Loved reading your homage to Sir Alfred and seeing those great photos!

Anonymous said...

A whole month of Hitchcock? *note the awed tone with which I speak*

I am so excited that I'm having a hard time NOT squealing. This is going to be so much fun! I'm determined to watch Suspicion and The Paradine Case soon...both for the first time.

And hopefully, I will have my post finished by the end of the week!

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Welcome home -

And the Liebster Award goes to YOU from Another Old Movie Blog:

Ben said...

This is too awesome. I wish I had friends who did a Hitchcock party or marathon.

Rianna said...

Hi Millie,
I'm Rianna and I write a classic movie blog called Frankly, My Dear ( I really enjoy your blog and when I was recently passed on the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award, I wanted to hand it over to you, too. My blog has details.


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