Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hitchcock's Birthday Bash: The Millie's 10 Favorite Hitchcock Villains

Last year, I did as list of my favorite Hitchcock heroes. That was all well and good. But Hitchcock villains are ALWAYS 50 times more awesome than any "heroes" (unless said heroes have mustaches and British accents).

Hitchcock villains are awesome and cool and genius and evil. They're perfect.

Obviously, a list of villains is a bit spoilerish, so if you WANT to know the movies included in this list and not be spoiled or whatever (the list is spoiled of course then. But, yeah. I CAN'T STOP ALL SPOILERS! ;-D) here are the films in order: Jamaica Inn, North By Northwest, Stage Fright, The Birds, Trouble With Harry, Psycho, Rebecca, Strangers on a Train, Dial M For Murder, Shadow of a Doubt.

If you're all cool, then you may now continue...

10} Jamaica Inn ~ Sir Humphrey Pengallan

So deliciously evil. His face looks positively plastic the entire time and he's so creepy and also sorta nice to some people. Charles Laughton is a genius.

9} North By Northwest ~ Phillip Vandamm

It's James Mason and his sinisterly awesome voice (mentioned in Rope eleven years before actually). Phillip is utterly charming and utterly evil. Nothing could be more perfect.

8} Stage Fright ~ Jonathan Cooper

Richard Todd makes you think he's innocent and then he slowly makes you realize he's crazy and then you finally realize that he's a psycho. A brilliant villain. Much is made of the false flashback, but if us viewers were paying ANY attention to the film, we would have realized that this guy lies all the time AND -- more importantly -- has crazy eyes.

7} The Birds ~ Melanie Daniels

Melanie is one of the MORE evil villains on this list. What started out to be a charming film about an awesome school teacher and a local boy falling in love and having a perfect life, turned drastically different when Melanie showed up (with her trained birds in tow). Although I can forgive almost all the villains on this list (because they're stinkin' awesome), I can never forgive her.

6} Trouble With Harry ~ Harry

Harry, why do you have to be SUCH a troublemaker?! Your socks are awesome by the way (wish I could say the same for your mustache -- definitely not Michael Redgrave worthy).

5} Psycho ~ Norman Bates

Norman, *I* understand that you are really more of a misunderstood anti-hero. But, for the sake of popular opinion, I gotta put you on this list. Don't worry. *I* understand that you would NEVER hurt a fly!

4} Rebecca ~ Mrs. Danvers

Mrs. Danvers, you are a legit psychopath. Also awesome.

3} Strangers on a Train ~ Bruno Antony

Ugh. Now, you Mr. Antony, YOU SIR, ARE PERFECT. I really do love Guy Haines (FARLEY!), but I was rooting for you and that lighter all the way. Fair is fair and verbal contracts are legal in many parts of the country. Instead of the revenge, you really should have just got a good lawyer, taken Guy to court, and SUED HIM FOR EVERYTHING HE HAD!

2} Dial M For Murder ~ Tony Wendice

I love you, Mr. Wendice. You had a killer Welsh accent (heh heh). I adore Grace Kelly more than almost anything, BUT I WAS ON YOUR SIDE. I'm on the side of anyone not on the side of Robert Cummings. And you were so charming and charismatic and awesome. You really should have succeeded.

1} Shadow of a Doubt ~ Uncle Charlie

Uncle Charlie. I have no words to describe your perfection. Just know that I'm with you 100%. AND YOU HAVE THE MOST AWESOME CIGAR SMOKING SKILLS EVER. And I don't even know what else to say. You're cool.

So, here's my not-at-all-creepy list of revered Hitchcock villains. Who are your favorites?



Sophie said...

Best. list. ever. I feel a sense of pride in knowing that I've seen each of these villains in action as last year at this time I'd only seen Wendice (Ray MILLIEand FTW! ;D) (I am not ashamed to admit I have a bit of thing for James Mason and his delicious voice ;D), and Pengallan (geez, Charles Laughton is so creepy yet so wonderful), I think. I have to say, it's all your doing! I definitely wouldn't have watched so much Hitch if I hadn't seen you raving about him all the time ;D

Sophie said...

*Ok, that was meant to read Vandamm after Wendice ;D

Millie said...


James Mason has one of the single most delicious voices ever.

Awww! :') That makes me so happy! Sir Alfred adoration is always I thing I want to pass on!

Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

Millie said...

And this whole "delicious voice" thing sounds so majorly creepy.

I love it. hahaha

Kristin said...

Bruno Antony is definitely at the top of my list. He is so wonderfully creepy. Plus "Strangers on a Train" is one of my favorite Hitchcock films- maybe my favorite. :)


Fabiana ~ Ciao Newport Beach said...

Love the list and Hitchcock. My fave (movie) is "Foreign Correspondent". I could watch it a hundred times!

Uncle Charlie is for Sure the creepiest!

Stop by and visit me at my blog, if you get a chance!


Kalli said...

I love the .gif of Norman! Is it bad that I'm attracted to Uncle Charlie?

FilmMaster said...

Fantastic list! I am yet to see some of these Hitchcock classics.

Anonymous said...

How is tippi a villain? Are you referring to the character or person?


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