Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bob + Bing


"It's hard to explain what that jug-eared groaner has that made us close friends through seven movies and innumerable radio and television shows. I know that some recent accounts of his family troubles portray Bing in a less-than-favorable light, but as far as I'm concerned, he could do no wrong. He had that warm, relaxed personal style onstage that, for me, carried offstage into the best friendship I ever had. How could I fail to have a warm spot in my heart for a fellow who sold me into slavery to Dorothy Lamour [Road to Morocco]?

"The liner of one of Bing's albums sums it up best: 'The voice of Bing Crosby has been heard by more people than the voice of any other human being who ever lived.'

"I miss that voice.

"We started to insult each other from the moment we met. I called him 'the sports shirt that walks like a man ... the large, economy-size Sinatra ... the only pot that ever got the rainbow.' And he called me 'The man with a nose like a bicycle seat.'

"It was love at first sight."

-Bob Hope in Don't Shoot, It's Only Me


Kristin said...

I love those two goobers together- definitely my favorite comedy duo. :) I love how they played off each other and really seemed like best friends.


NIck said...

Just read that book a few weeks back. Bob wrote some other good ones too.

PuppyLovePrincess said...

fantastic quotes and photo collage! i LOVE those two!


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