Saturday, October 29, 2011

Well, I'm finally gonna watch it...

This poster is not lying. There is no possible way that I am prepared for this experience.

Yes, I'm finally going to watch Francis of Assisi (1961).

For two main reasons:

1) This movie has caused me SO many fines at the library (because I keep not watching it and letting it get overdue).


(Remember that time that Maurice Chevalier was a singing priest and I died of laughter? Yeah.)

Anyway. This movie is happening. WISH ME LUCK!


Giveaway! John Huston: Courage and Art

I am VERY excited to be able to give away a copy of John Huston: Courage and Art (2011) by Jeffrey Meyers.

This book looks utterly fascinating. I couldn't even help myself and started reading it -- and I couldn't put it down (unfortunately, I ended up having to put it down because I had to go to work. SHEESH.)

Raquelle over at Out of the Past has written an excellent review that should seriously make you want to read this even more!

A man of Huston's talent would always make an interesting story, but John Huston wasn't just a legendary film-maker. He was an adventurer, an explorer, basically an awesomely crazy person. He was the kind of person movies are made ABOUT.

The more one learns about John Huston, the more it seems like he created films just as another outlet for his intense and creative personality.

Anyway, this book looks AWESOME!

Thank you so much to Crown Archetype for sending it to me! 

To enter to win:
Leave a comment with your favorite Huston movie (or a Huston film you would most like to see) and a way for me to contact you (or you can just wait until the winner is announced and send me an email with your info).

U.S. residents only (SORRY! I'm only a poor student!)

Also, it would be super-awesome if you were a blog follower! :-D

This contest will be open until Wednesday, November 30th (where the winner will be chosen at random)!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Herb Alpert....and the awesomely over-the-top, not-at-all-cheesy '60s music videos.

Herb Alpert is king. This is a true statement.

For some reason, today Herb Alpert is considered uncool or something by people who have no idea who he is. It may be the name. Herb is not a cool name. (This is also a true statement.)

"Herb" notwithstanding, THOSE PEOPLE ARE WRONG. Herb Alpert is one of the coolest people to ever exist. And people who know who he is, know this (look at this sentence a few times, it will then begin to make sense ;-D).

And when my mum someone laughs at me other people who buy his records at Goodwill -- they're wrong. Sorely wrong.

Below, I will display Herb Alpert's awesomeness. He was so cool, he elevated cheesy '60s music videos. This is now art.

A Taste of Honey

Herb running down the beach in a tux, while carrying his trumpet. This is standard HA&TJB stuff. THIS IS STINKIN' COOL.

This Guy's In Love

Oh, how I love this video. It's so completely and irredeemable cheesy (and so perfect). 

The Lonely Bull

That smile at :53? That's Mr. Alpert saying, "Why yes, I am wearing a bright white suit and playing the trumpet in the middle of the bleachers in an empty bullfighting stadium. OF COURSE I'M COOLER THAN YOU."

The Spanish Flea

There's a creepy stuffed animal just sitting in a chair. Herb's completely miming his playing. There's random girls random girls always dance in the '60s. And Herb is finally like "what the heck?!" and just starts clapping.

Tijuana Taxi

Okay, this video doesn't actually have Herb Alpert or the Tijuana Brass in it visually. Only their music.

But, this IS an example of what always happens when anyone listens to Mr. Alpert: They grab their nearest ugly, upholstery poncho (that Micky Dolenz would be so proud of)....AND RUN AROUND DANCING VERY ODDLY.


Herb Alpert in strangely casual wear (where's his beach tux?!) hanging out on top of a dune buggy thing. Many surf boards stand nearby ominously. SUDDENLY, the entire cast of a Beach Party rip-off come running out. They dance creepily before running around like there's a bomb threat. Herb continues to stand on said dune buggy thing pretending that none of those people exist. He also sings for a short while -- because it was casual day.

Mame with Louis Armstrong


Herb Alpert and Louis Armstrong together (and neither playing the trumpet). Herb is clearly in awe of Mr. Armstrong and awkwardly trying not to sing louder, or faster, or more than Mr. Armstrong. AND THAT HAND SLIDE THING AT THE END. Oh my gosh. (And apparently, on this same show, they sang Mack The Knife together. I NEED TO SEE THAT.)

Anyway, here was just a short list of Herb Alpert awesomeness. If you find yourself addicted, don't worry. *I* won't laugh at you. I am always addicted.

It's one thing to listen to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, but it's quite another thing to WATCH THEM. Listening is chill and awesome. WATCHING IS WOWZIE KAZAM AND AWESOME.

Just remember that.


The Ten Greatest Films of All Time. Ever. {According to The Millie.}

Hmmmm. This has been in my drafts for over a month. Clearly, I was just waiting to come back and write explanations for all my choices. I'm not going to. I'm too lazy. HIIIII EVERYONE! I've missed you!

Ahhhh, the infamous "best of" lists.

I'm not gonna lie -- I love them.

I especially love the fascinatingly crazy ones (when people are praising the dumbest movies ever). Those are the most fun. I also enjoy the boring ones. The boring ones are when everyone is like: BRAND NEW INFORMATION! Citizen Kane is THE GREATEST FILM OF ALL TIME. (When I say "boring," I don't mean that Citizen Kane is boring. It certainly isn't. I first watched it when I was ten, and was utterly intrigued. CK is definitely worth all the praise it gets.)

Anyway, *I* was rather bored and decided to create a best of list myself. This one falls under the fascinatingly crazy category (but, hey! At least I controlled myself enough to not include Gidget Goes Hawaiian or Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine!)

These are just ten movies that always leave me amazed. I could have included hundreds of others (and I'm actually quite saddened about the lack of westerns and musicals), but this is what it alphabetical order. ;-D

Gaslight [1944]

His Girl Friday [1940]

It Happened One Night [1934]

Lady From Shanghai [1947]

Laura [1944]

The Lost Weekend [1945]

Rebel Without A Cause [1955]

Shadow of a Doubt [1942]

The Third Man [1949]

To Be Or Not To Be [1942]

What are your top ten most amazingly awesome movies?



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