Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Birthday 90th Deanna Durbin!

Happy one-week-late (blasted finals!) Birthday to the absolutely perfect Deanna Durbin. I always have such difficulty writing out why I adore her, but she's just such an actual part of my life -- and has been for much longer than I can even remember.

She's just wonderful.



Maria said...

She's so wonderful. Happy Birthday, Deanna!

Mercurie said...

I always loved Deanna. She was so beautiful and had such a beautiful voice too.

Johanna said...

Deanna was my grandmother's favorite film star when she was growing up! I used to watch Three Smart Girls and 100 Men and a Girl with her when I was little. My sisters and I still say "Muffins and milk!" when one of us is being a brat :)
I always loved Deanna because she was beautiful without being just a glamour girl. She had a spark, something really witty about her. And of course the voice.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Happy 91st Birthday to Deanna Durbin. I was named after you in 1942. You were my Mom's favorite actress. Lucky us to have the beautiful name Deanna.

Love to you!


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