Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Winner of the John Huston Giveaway is....

I am incredibly sorry about not announcing this on Thursday. It's Finals Week. (Which means that I'm freeeeeee on Friday -- and I'm celebrating by going to see Frog and Toad: The Musical at the Seattle Children's Theater. Oh yes.)


The winner is Johanna!

Thanks to everyone who entered! I really enjoyed reading about your favorite Huston films.

And later today (or tomorrow; it depends whether I decide to study for my Bio final or not! ;-D), expect a belated birthday post for the goddess, Deanna Durbin. ALSO, expect a review for my absolute favorite 2011 release (hint: IT'S PERFECT) -- well, absolute favorite at least until Tintin is out (Spielberg better not ruin my childhood).

Thanks again everyone! :-D


1 comment:

Johanna said...

Hooray, I'm so excited! Thanks so much, Millie!!


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