Saturday, February 25, 2012

I don't even watch the Oscars....BUT THIS GUY BETTER WIN.

I never watch any of the award shows, because I've usually never seen any of the nominees (until months/years later). Of course, I always look up who won, check out the highlights, look at the red carpet slide-shows (and apparently, I have terrible taste because I always love the outfits that are "awful." Seriously. Helena Bonham Carter's Golden Globe's dress last year was AWESOME.)

This year, however, I've somehow seen a few of the Oscar nominees (it's actually quite shocking) and even some of those that should have been nominated: Kung Fu Panda 2 was nominated but Tintin was not. WHAT?!

Anyway. After all of this thoughtful pondering, I have come to the direct and obvious conclusion that The Artist needs to win everything and Jean Dujardin ESPECIALLY needs to win Best Actor.

There are several important reasons why Jean Dujardin (I'm gonna keep fully typing out his name, because it is SO much fun to say. Not since Gabriele Ferzetti has a name caused me such joy) needs to win.

So, in order of importance:

5. To keep George Clooney/Brad Pitt from winning. I can't stand 'em.
4. To become the first French Best Actor winner.
3. This
2. Because his smile role in The Artist was actual brilliance and perfection.

And, of course, the most important reason:

1. I really want to see what he does when he wins. Will he start dancing or mimicking Douglas Fairbanks like at the Golden Globes? Will he start singing "La Marseillaise" like he did at the SAG awards? I NEED TO BE ABLE TO YOUTUBE SOME AWESOME JEAN DUJARDIN AWESOMENESS ON MONDAY MORNING.

Heck, I'm almost considering awkwardly watching all 50 hours of the ceremony by myself. JUST TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

Anyway, this is kinda a terrible post to post when I haven't posted anything in so long (news about the reschedulement of the Bradford blogathon will be coming very soon). But, I had to voice my support for Jean Dujardin (it's so much fun to say). If he loses -- I will continue to irrationally hate George Clooney until the day I die.

Watch some brilliance from The Artist (spoiler alert):



Audrey said...

Can't agree with you about Helena's dress last year (although I like her otherwise), but totally do agree with you about Dujardin for the win. Yes! Unfortunately, I haven't even seen *The Artist* yet because no theaters near me are showing it. :( But I still think he should win, just off the trailer and the reviews I've read.

Millie said...

How could you NOT love that outfit?! It looked completely like something I created for my dolls when I was 7. Obviously, I would wear it -- if I had any hope of pulling it off/not looking like a crazed person. ;-D

:-( That's sad! Hopefully, you'll be able to see it soon.

"But I still think he should win, just off the trailer and the reviews and his face."

I fixed it for you. ;-D

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of you saying "I can't stand 'em" just like the dame in Singin' In the Rain...and then I clicked the link. O_o

OH, and that Funny or Die video. I am now dead. I really am. I SPEAK FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE! (Okay, that was creepy.) But yeah.

Bette said...

I couldn't agree more! The Artist was wonderful and I hope it wins everything - especially an Oscar for the Asta tribute dog. Both Jean DuJardin ( it is fun to say ) and Bernice Bejo were great. Loved this post!!!


Matthew Coniam said...

Nothing irrational about hating George Clooney.

Audrey said...

I accept and agree with your correction. :)

Mariana said...

You are absolutely right- I can't stop saying Jean Dujardin now!
Still haven't seen 'The Artist' (I KNOW...) but am really looking forward to it. Glad he won the award.
I love the French.


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