Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Millie is happy. (She will continue to irrationally hate George Clooney though.)

 Yes. Jean Dujardin won.

His acceptance speech contained a mention of Douglas Fairbanks, a bit of dancing, and a quite a bit of random yelling in French. It was perfection! (It sadly, did not contain ANY singing.)

And later, when The Artist won Best Picture and all the French people decided to storm the stage, this happened:

Are they TRYING to make me explode from the adorableness?!

Anyway. This marks the first time I have ever seen the Oscars all the way through.

Well, most of the way through. I missed the first fifteen minutes. Then, I managed to get a live-stream of it on my computer. This lasted for a couple of hours and then it got shut down. Then I got another live-stream, but it was dubbed over in Spanish. I may have taken four years of Spanish -- but I am pathetically not fluent.  And then, I managed to get the family TV (my TV is not working currently). But, that only lasted until Amazing Race came on. And then I managed to beg my younger brother to let me watch it on his TV in his room, while sitting on the floor. During the begging time, I missed the In Memoriam (something I REALLY wanted to see).

And then, I got to watch the last 30 minutes hanging out on my brother's clothes-strewn floor.



It was all worth it though.

Because I got find to out that Jean Dujardin's favorite things about America are its cinnamon rolls and being allowed to take a free right at red lights.

And I got hear the brilliant director Michel Hazanavicius say this: "I want to thank three person: I want to thank Billy Wilder, I want to thank Billy Wilder, and I want to thank Billy Wilder." *be still my heart*

Anyway, all-in-all we can be glad that Jean Dujardin won and that my math test was postponed until Tuesday (tonight's planned studying did not occur as planned) and that Alfred Hitchcock was mentioned by Jean Dujardin (if he could have just slipped in a mention of Ingy, my Darlin' Darin, and perhaps The Magnificent Mr. Milland-- well, I would just have to be in love with him forever). 

Of course, I casually mentioned on Facebook that I was happy about Jean Dujardin winning and I got some crazy person arguing with me. O_O "The Artist didn't deserve any was just created to win awards...blah blah blah."


I almost replied with this gif (this tells you the type of long-sleep deprived, over-worked, over-studying, calculus-failing mood I'm in):

But, I restrained myself.

Where is this post going?


I really need to go actually and study calculus and read some Booker T. Washington (LOVE HIM) and some W.E.B. Dubois (don't quite love him whenever he's mean to Booker T. Washington) and I need to write an article for the college newspaper (STUPID JOURNALISM CLASS!).

Good night all!



Matthew Coniam said...

He's a prat offscreen and a third-rate James Garner impersonator on...
What's not rational?

Millie said...

Thank you, Matthew. To me, the hatred is quite rational. But, I just it's irrational to not offend anyone who loves him. ;-D

AND YOU ARE SO RIGHT ABOUT THE JAMES GARNER THING. I could never quite figure it out. I KNEW it was wasn't Cary he was impersonating (no matter how many times they compare the two). Now, it all makes sense.

Irene Palfy said...

Millie - I love this post.. But: I think there could have been more Jean Dujardin in it.. (just my humble opinion..);") So sorry for you that you had to go through so much personal trouble to watch the Oscars - but I am glad you witnessed Mr. Dujardin speech!
You know I am glad he didn't mention Ray Milland - because I would have fainted then..

Frankly: I think Ingrid Bergman was mentioned way too little in this whole show.. (and George Clooney a bit too much.. - don't start to look for rational reasons to dislkie him.. No need for that at all..)

Fingers crossed for your math test!

Have a wonderful day!

DKoren said...

The picture of him with the dog? That is adorable. I really need to see The Artist. I watched the Oscars, but I'm not sure why, as I haven't seen one movie that was nominated for anything.

Neither my sister nor I like George Clooney either, though it's not as strong a reaction as you, just more of a big avoidance factor of anything he's in.

Sarah said...

The random French yelling was the best. "FORMIDABLE!!" = wonderful. See I can still be French! ;D

Kalli said...

The first picture on this post is fantastic! What am I saying? All of these pictures are fantastic!

As for the Facebook guy, clearly he enjoys arguing just to argue, which is very annoying.


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