Thursday, July 5, 2012

19 Favorite Sixties Television Characters

 ^This has little to do with this post, but it is a photo of David Janssen watching himself on TV (AND SMILING) -- so it must be celebrated!

I recently saw an awesome list of greatest '60s TV characters over at the Classic Film and TV Cafe. It didn't have just the usual choices. And, it inspired me to create my own list (with several same entrants)!

I adore '60s television. I grew up on it. I am also quite certain that it has shaped much of my outlook on life (this is definitely not something for you to worry about).

Sixties TV is brilliant and great and quite diverse. It also taught me how to play poker by the age of six (oh, classic westerns -- never change!).

Anyway, I shall be posting -- in their own individual posts -- 19 of my favorite characters. I'm only posting 19, because I always forget at least 8 choices in every list I make -- so they'll all have to share the 20th spot.

These posts will also not be as awesome and in-depth as the CFaTC ones (I really encourage you to check out that list -- you will surely not regret it). One, because I am too lazy. Two, because I cannot stay on track/focus. And three, most of the time, my explanations for liking anything end with strange gurgling noises and me mumbling to myself, "He has a nice face..." (in Charles Boyer's accent, because I always talk to myself in Charles Boyer's voice).

There. I have certainly missed creating run-on sentences!

Well, with further ado, expect the first (non-ranked) choice in semi-post-haste!


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