Monday, August 27, 2012

We are a felt loving family! aka finger puppets and other felt-like goodness!

 ^These people have nothing to do with felt or actually this post.

This post is purely for shameless self-promotion. I hope that's okay. I merely wanted to inform all who were anxiously awaiting its return that my finger puppet shop is back in business, under a new name!

You can now fulfill all your classic finger puppet dreams over at the phantom asthmatic. Currently listed are James Dean, Michael Caine, and How to Steal a Million Audrey. There will be more. Believe me.

I also wanted to take this time to mention my sister Sarah's Etsy, feltpdxlove. It was her shop that reminded me of my long-lost love of felt and its brilliance. Honestly, she takes felt and turns it into art. Her felt family portraits are so adorable that is almost hurts.

^This is my sis and her husband in felt form.

Anyway, all this clearly just means that my other sister needs to jump on the felt train. Train's leaving the station, Shannon! Next stop felted cheese knife covers!


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