Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Winners of the Frankenstein Giveaway!

I used to choose the winners of the Frankenstein/Bride of Frankenstein double feature.

They are:


Laura Mathias

Bunny Moreno

I need you all to email me before tomorrow at classicforeverblogger(AT)yahoo(DOT)com with your name, address, and theatre preference. I'll pass this info on to Fathom Events and they will mail you your tickets!

Thank you to everyone for participating! And thanks again to Fathom for allowing me to host this giveaway! :-D



Bunny Moreno said...

OMG how exciting!!! Thank you so much! Just emailed you! xox

Laura said...

WHOOOOOO! Thank you so much! Email is on the way!!

Laura said...

Oh, by the way, could you let me know if you got my email? I dunno, I feel like my email account for my blog has been a little wonky lately. If you have gotten my emails, you probably think I'm a little crazy and anal retentive now--what, was that three I sent you? And now I'm bugging you again! Carry on.


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