Friday, March 8, 2013

Photo of the Day!

March Playlist

I randomly decided to post a completely random (there's a pattern in my life) mix that I am currently listening to.

I was inspired by the fascinating weather that Glorious Washington experiences every March. Never can it decide to be winter or spring, changing from day-to-day and throughout the day. Occasionally, we get a bit of summer (Washington summer, so, 60 degrees) thrown in too.

So yeah. My current mood music.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I finally did it. Dr. Zhivago. Kate is gonna be so proud of me.

Everything hurts right now. EVERYTHING. WHY?! WHY?!

Apparently, it's actually impossible for me to watch anything where anything where my favorite character doesn't die a brutal death after experiencing years of misery (I need to look into my movie choices).

By the way, this review will be rather spoilerish. Although, even if you haven't yet see DZ (I can't type that without thinking of North Korea), I'm sure you know that something terrible happens. It's always referred to in "sweeping," "epic," "set during the Russia Revolution" terms. Those three things never mean happiness.

Anyway, I'm glad I did see it. Kate has wanted me to watch it forever. She even sent me a copy of it to watch. (Note: I wanted to put a heart here, but blogger freaks out and goes HTML psycho on me.)

The music was GORGEOUS. For some extremely embarrassing reason, I had never realized that song was from DZ. A+

And Omar Sharif's magical tears. I've written about them before. THEY ARE KILLER.


Anyway, I don't have tons to say about the movie. It was quite epic and sweeping (and set during the Russian Revolution). The acting was brilliant and the sets gorgeous.

And despite his tears, Omar Sharif was perfection.

I filmed a few clips before/during/after I watched the movie (testing out this video blog thing). There are a few more of my observations in it. (Want to find out what I think about Sir Ralph Richardson? Watch the video. hahaha)

Thanks again, Kate. :-)

And also, does anyone else have movie recommendations for me?* Speak now.

*Not including films featuring Jimmy Stewart, Katherine Hepburn, Randolph Scott, or Marlon Brando.


Friday, March 1, 2013

Bad Ideas That Can Only Get Worse: Video Blogging

Sometimes, I actually scare myself with my ability to be so insecure AND have no shame at the same time.

Hence, the video blog.

This is the intro, just to test the format out. Please don't watch it. I have plans to continue with this idea, but in the future -- the videos will be both shorter and more pointed. (AKA concise).

But, there always has to be that introduction (I hate introductions): this is it.



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