Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Monkee a Day...

Well, I was pleasantly pleased by the postive response to yesterday's post (seriously, guys, I gauge my self-esteem by how many comments I get -- so, you should feel the weight and guilt of that responsibility every time I post).

Today, I have another wonderful song for you all to listen to: "Randy Scouse Git" (released in the UK as "Alternate Title"). Again, this is one of the more famous Monkees' songs, and I love it so very much. It's my favorite Micky song!

I love the music and the rising manic-ness of it, but most of all, I love the words. At first glace/twenty-eighth glance, it appears to make little sense. BUT, THAT'S NOT TRUE. There are so many fascinating references, because Micky wrote it during a trip to England.

Anyway, enjoy this song and Micky's ridiculously great upholstory poncho!

Honestly, I have doubts that Davy is really playing those drums. But, oh my gosh, Peter killing the piano and then falling over in mock-exhaustion. And, then Micky's maniacal facial expression as he continues to drum at the end! :')

Also, I'm loving the energy that Papa Nez puts into his performance! A+

And, as always, if questioning your sanity is on the plate for today -- check out this lovely version from the episode, "Art For Monkees' Sake" (be warned, there is a Liberace sighting):



DKoren said...

So, who are the Monkees now exactly? hahah! No, I've heard of them! Honestly! Couldn't have picked them or their music out of a line up, but I have heard of them! Or have I? No really, I have! Trust me!

This song here is very fun and I dig it a lot. Listened to it twice in fact. Would happily put it on my iPod. So went back and checked out yesterday's post/song, which I had missed due to the fact that there was no awesomeness in my day yesterday. Hm. Not so fond of that song. So, came back and listened to this one again! That makes three times in 15 minutes! :-D

These posts are very fun and I'm looking forward to more!

Millie said...

Hey, STOP TOYING WITH ME. It's bad for my psyche! ;-D

Yay! This brings me great joy!

That's okay. For some reason, Mike's stuff can be a little bit harder to get into. I used to not like a lot of his songs, but I greatly enjoy them now. And, I literally cannot stop shouting LISTEN TO THE BAND! once I get started.

Guhhh! Thank you! My evil plan is working!

Hamlette said...

DKoren, if you had never heard of the Monkees, I would consider myself a failure as a friend. Cuz I lurve the Monkees! Can it be that I've never mentioned this around you? I have so many of their songs memorized! We used to quote "Pleasant Valley Sunday" every time we went house-hunting and landed somewhere with "rows of houses that are all the same, and no one seems to care." I absolutely refused to consider any houses that were in a Pleasant Valley neighborhood.

Millie -- I love Nesmith best too! And here I thought I was the only one who had a non-Davy favorite. High-five! Thank you for this brilliant series of posts -- I bounced down the stairs this morning hoping there was a new bit of Monkee business posted, and you did not fail me :-D

DKoren said...

Hee. No, I've heard of them. I think I even occasionally saw their show at a friend's house in the 70's when I was a kid. But I don't know any of their music or who is who, either.

And no, you never mentioned them, Hamlette! I guess we have a few surprises left! :-D

Hamlette said...

Well, surprises are what makes the world go 'round, right? I mean, until just this week, Cowboy didn't know that I've always wanted to grow an African Violet.


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