Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Monkee a Day...

This is being posted a little bit later today, as I have been quite busy. (Note: this busyness did not include holing myself up in a dark room with a friend for five hours watching Doctor Who.)

For today's song, I have chosen to showcase my favorite Monkee: my beloved Peter Tork. Peter is insanely talented, but was never really allowed to fully display his talent while a part of The Monkees. He was also written as the lovably stupid one in the show, when that was really the opposite of his personality. (A highlight of Head is when Micky is acting completely idiotic and suddenly Peter appears, saying, "I'm the dummy. I'm always the dummy." )

He has a gorgeous voice, but he basically never got to sing lead ("Auntie Grizelda" doesn't exist). However, Davy got to sing lead on 89% of the songs. There is no justice.

Anyway, here is "For Pete's Sake": a cleverly titled song written by Peter and sung by Micky.

It's just cheerful.

And, if you would like to be horribly disturbed, there is this little gem of a version from the episode, "I've Got a Little Song Here."

Welp, that escalated quickly. Poor Peter.



victory said...

Hi, I think Micky sang lead on the majority of the songs.

Millie said...

Victory: I know that! I was just exaggerating on purpose to express how little Peter got to sing! haha

Hamlette said...

Oops, I see Peter is your fave -- my mistake yesterday! He's my second-fave, after Mike Nesmith.

Love the bit from the show that you posted :-D Wacky and wonderful!

Millie said...

Hamlette: Ahh, yes! I'm a bit behind on responding to comments or I would have mentioned that! I do adore Michael though! :-D


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