Monday, June 17, 2013

A Monkee a Day...

I missed two days. I know. I am forever shamed.

But, today, I have a wonderfully happy song for you all!

It's called "Saturday's Child."

I always LOVED this song, because I was a Saturday's Child -- and we are always forgotten in songs and poetry. I mean, there are the sad, depressing songs about Wednesday and Friday. And Monday and Sunday are PERFECT apparently. But, everyone forgets about Saturday because we work hard for living. SERIOUSLY. THAT'S ALL WE GET.

Anyway, thank you Monkees, thank you!

Now, for the alternate music video choice. I'm a bit ambivalent about this video. Is it sweet? Is it creepy? YOU BE THE JUDGE! (It's definitely creepy.)



Hamlette said...

Creepy. But it ended well.

DKoren said...

Not creepy at all! But I think that's cuz I grew up in a different era from you two!


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