Thursday, June 6, 2013


Guys. GUYS. GUYS! You need to go watch The Maze. It's on Netflix (only until the 15th, when the rest of my Netflix queue disappears forever), it's on YouTube (I think). I'm sure it's everywhere. I'm too lazy to go look. But, I'm sure there are many ways that you can watch this film both legally and slightly-less-than-what-is-necessarily-legal.


You won't be able to appreciate the full magnitude of my delirious excitement unless you too have experienced the "The Twist" (you heard it hear first: best twist ever).

While I'm waiting for you to go watch it (it's only like an hour), I'll be enjoying this random gif.

Okay, you're back. You're excited aren't you? You need to discuss this, don't you. But, most of all, you want to relieve "The Twist."

IT'S A FROG. IT'S A SCOTTISH FROG FROM THE 1700S NAMED SIR ROGER AND IT SCREAMS LIKE AN ELEPHANT, BUT IT'S BEEN RUNNING THE ESTATE FOR 200 YEARS -- when it hasn't been enjoying a late-night dip in the pond, of course.

I honestly cannot contain myself.

See, I love these terrible horror/mystery/thriller movies, but I thought I had it all figured out. I simply assumed that the surly fiance was a werewolf and that's that. His book reading seemed to seal the deal.

But, no, I was rewarded beyond my imagination. :')

Also, the final scene was just great writing.

^Yep. No one would have even blinked twice at the Scottish frog Baron who talked lik an elephant. Not at all.
^There's a message in there somewhere.

The characters in this movie are so idiotic, it's hilarious. Honestly, I wanted to get to know Sir Rog better. But, unfortunately, he committed suicide or something. Apparently, no one has ever been frightened of him in the last 200 years. It confused him.

Guhhh! Such a great movie. You all need to go watch it. That is all.

 ^A+ on the whole keeping it a family secret thing. No one will EVER question that gravestone. Ever.

Oh, here is my short video reaction-- because, I am an idiot.


P.S. An Oscar for this man! Acting at its finest!

P.P.S. Random aside with no attached photo, but I really love '50s 3D movies and all the random characters throwing beach balls and yo-yos at the screen.


Emmy said...

PLEASE TELL ME ABOUT YOUR NETFLIX QUEUE THAT EXPIRES! Clearly, you must have a boatload of mind-smushing awesomeness that I don't know about. And I was so desperate for bad entertainment last night that it was suddenly 3AM and I realized I was watching a Disney channel movie....

Arvind said...

I actually took the heading of this post seriously and watched the movie - morning 6am immediately when i read the first part of post.

Millie said...

Emmy: I have so many random movies on there. It is quite sad.

WHAT?! A Disney movie?! How could you?! So disappointed. ;-D

Arvind: Oh, I'm really quite sorry! Although, it was rather exciting to see the frog-person, wasn't it? I'm afraid I need to tone down my sarcasm sometimes -- it just sounds a bit too natural!

PuppyLovePrincess said...

oh. my. gosh.

this movie sounds brilliant!


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