Tuesday, July 9, 2013


So, you how I was all excited about Mr. Novak, the idealist English teacher? Well, if there is one thing I love more than idealist English teachers -- it's cool TV detectives (also: 1960s loners and friendly criminals of the old west, but these don't fit into what I'm saying).


Oh my gosh.

He's blind, and has an awesome guide dog named Pax (as in peace). And, he does martial arts with Bruce stinkin' Lee. And, he's really cool. And, his sunglasses are brilliant. And, he's all quippy and awesome, but has great depth.


Although, unfortunately, I had to watch the pilot. And, honestly, most of the time I hate pilot movies (exception: Wild, Wild West = best pilot ever). I may be a terrible person, but I really don't care for back-stories (or good writing or emotional depth). ESPECIALLY, WHEN THE BACK-STORY IS TRAGIC. Ingrid, I hardly knew ye!

But, the best and most unexpected part of the pilot? Bradford Dillman. With a hilarious mustache and a brilliant Southern accent.

I didn't know he was gonna be in it, until I saw the credit. AND IT SAID BRADFORD DILLMAN and I literally squeaked out a strange-sounding "YAY."

I don't have any screenshots, because I was watching on my Kindle -- and I was too lazy to go take screenshots later.

He plays James Franciscus' boss, Duke (still laughing on the inside, I am). But, sadly, he only plays it in the pilot and not the whole short-lived series -- which is total nonsense, because Bradford Dillman is literally the greatest at everything ever. SHEESH. (I really hope Bradford Dillman does not ever Google himself, because you just know this blog that mentions him every other post and has flooded the internet with Dillman acting screenshots is coming up somewhere.)

ANYWAY. Enough of the obviously perfect Mr. Dillman. The show is not about him.

It's about James Franciscus being lovely and cool at everything.

Aww, yess.

Also, most of the series (possibly all, I haven't checked) is on YouTube, so yay!

And, go watch it.

It's cool.


Anonymous said...
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The Metzinger Sisters said...

Wow, that does sound like a great show! ( Actually it sounds like a rehash of an old Edward Arnold detective character ).I'm going to look those up on Youtube NOW. Jamie-boy was a dreamboat. Even blind I'd still stalk him. I remember squeeking with excitement once too when I found out about The Man in a Suitcase show, but after watching the episodes I thought Richard Bradford was a bit of a jerk. It's look like the tv studios of the 1970s thought that disabled detectives were the "in" thing that the public wanted to see ( Ironside comes to mind ).

BlanchFury said...

I am thankful to find someone else who appreciates Bradford Dillman's brilliance!


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